Brain Fitness – Men Sana In Corpore Sano

For some time now, we hear more often about “brain fitness”. A new concept, that many don’t understand. So far, fitness referred strictly to that set of exercise meant to shape us or to get rid of the uncomfortable body weight. Therefore, it is hard to admit that our mind can enter into an intensive fitness program. However, we find that brain fitness and classic fitness are in fact interdependent.

Classic fitness, sort of speak, it refers to our ability to do some exercise, to practice a sport. This periodic activity leads to a better health and an enviable tonus. Brain fitness on the other hand, regards optimal functioning of mind and our ability to think, which also results in good overall condition.

Therefore, the result is the same: a quick mind and a healthy body, or as the Latins said: men sana in corpore sano. The psychic is closely linked to physical condition.

It has been shown, for example, that obesity leads to a certain slowness in reactions and thinking just for the fact that the cardiovascular system is not functioning optimally. Blood isn’t pumped to the brain so good, as well as to all other organs of the body.

On the other hand, practicing sports regularly eliminate or reduce the level of stress, both harmful to the body and the mind.

Mental sharpness and physical exercise keep away conditions like dementia or Alzheimer. Studies have shown that fitness programs, along with “thinking exercises” may slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

These brain exercises actually translate to a continuous function of our cerebral activity. Reading, studying, socializing, all can be classified in this category. Socialization, for example, is also an important part of the brain fitness, resulting in a clearer judgment and a better memory. Of course, this would have the desired effect if we opt for a sport program and a healthy diet.

Moreover, if you want to improve your concentration, memory, analytical, organizational abilities, or want to develop skills such as decision-making, researchers marketed CD packages with mental exercises (brain fitness).

These exercises involve the stimulation of certain networks of neurons responsible for the skills listed above. In addition, it is considered that through them, the body’s ability to fight diseases and states such as depression or stress is increased.

And to provide perhaps the clearest indication of the importance of the two types of fitness, we must say that the physical movement increases the frequency with which brain cells are regenerated, while mental exercises increases the frequency with which these new cells become functional.

So when we want to look and feel better, we should practice elements of brain fitness. Without a correlation between mind and body we can’t reach a state of well being, physical and mental, that we all want and need.

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