Bowflex Machines: A Gym Inside Your Home

The Bowflex Home Gym is one of the most famous exercise machines of all times. It has been invented in 1979, and people have started buying it for home use since 1986. Nowadays, they can be bought online, but in the beginning, they were sold via television infomercials.

The Bowflex Home Gym is very compact, and as a result, it can be easily stored in the house. It can be used to perform many exercises which can be performed in the gym. The price for a Bowflex gym can range between $600 and $2,000.

The Bowflex Home Gym

The Bowflex Home Gym

There are Two Main Types of Bowflex Machines

There are two different types of Bowflex machines, which work on different principles. One of the kinds uses the Power Rod technology, which has a pulley/cable system. The resistance comes from rods, and with each repetition, the tension increases, and it is more difficult to perform the exercise. Because of this, the exercises used on the Bowflex are not as effective as the ones used in the gym.

There are three different Bowflex machines which are based on the Power Rod technology. Their prices range from $600 to $2,400 and the difference between them is the number of exercises you can perform on them; between 30 and 90.

The other type of Bowflex machine uses SpiraFlex technology, which is based on a different type of resistance. In this case the resistance comes from “cams”, which mimic the movement of the gym machines better. These types of Bowflex machines are more expensive, as they are better.

Use the Bowflex Machines for Each Part of the Body

The Bowflex machines can be used to work out most parts of the body. You can do chest presses and flies for the chest, seated rows and lateral pulldowns for the back, squats for legs, and many others.

The main advantage when using the Bowflex Home Gym machine is the fact that the position of the body can be adjusted. You can change the position of the hands, or legs, in order to make the exercise more difficult. Since all the machines are included in the Bowflex, you can do circuit training, meaning that you do an exercise and then immediately move to another one.

The Bowflex machine should be used by people who want to increase their fitness levels and body. It is easy to change the exercises on this machine, and a spotter is not required. Since free weights are not used, muscle soreness will not occur. The cons of this machine are that you will not be able to develop lots of muscles and strength thanks to it. The price of the Bowflex machines is very high in comparison to other similar machines.

In case you want to maintain your fitness level and to slightly improve your body, then the Bowflex Home Gym is for you. If you want to change your body, improve your strength, and muscle size, then the Bowflex will not be able to help you achieve that goal. You should also remember that diet is very important, because without a healthy diet you will achieve nothing.

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