African Dance Classes

In case you have grown tired of the old training routine, opt for an exotic way of losing weight such as the African Dance Classes, especially because these has equally effective results.

In Africa, the African dance marks life experiences, people’s belief in God and abundant harvests, heals suffering souls and diseases. Beyond these spiritual components, dance also represents a form of relaxation and socializing. Now, these dances have become world wide famous and you could easily practice African Dance Classes right in your neighborhood.

African Dance Classes

African Dance Classes

Ceremonial African dances have a purpose: they tell a story – generally, the history of the tribe. In essence, African music and dance communicate concepts of life – people on the African continent communicate through dance with their tribal divinities.

The African Dance Classes promote traditional dances from Guinea are called Yankandi and Makaru. The movements in these dances evoke the household activities (food preparation, washing the dishes, laundry) and also the features of the members of the tribe: intelligence, grace and beauty.

African Dance Classes

During the African dance classes there are combined the classic movements from the traditional dances with aerobic elements, which helps us obtain the desired silhouette and tonus. The music is usually original, noncommercial – recordings of African artists, unreleased on mainstream. Each movement has a special significance, starting from the way the hands must be held to the succession of jumps.

Kadiatou, one of the most famous African dancer, now 74 years old, says that traditional African dances strengthen the character, increase physical power and help you maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Why go to African Dance Classes?

It is impossible not to move on the African music and rhythm – which is very good, because many trainers have discovered that African dances combined with aerobic and fitness movements represent an excellent method of maintaining us in shape and toning our the body. The African dance energizes you, the secret being represented by the beating drums which are hypnotic and which simply do not let you sit down.

We already know that dancing can help us lose weight and has a great advantage: it is not boring as regular training can sometimes be. The African dance is something more – the rhythm, reminiscent of pagan times, makes you forget about everything that surrounds you and create a connection with your inner self, while sweating and eliminating calories.

The African dance classes are very demanding. You might get tired very quickly. Like any other type of fitness, you need to do everything step by step and you shouldn’t mind if the others move faster than you. This is a type of cardiovascular fitness which will significantly help you improve your stamina and the activity of your heart. After a month of workout, you will climb those stairs that terrify you without problems.

The program combines dance movements with aerobic and stretching elements, especially in the first stages. Your thighs, buttocks, legs, abdomen and even arms will be toned and look wonderful. Moreover, you’ll be surprised how much you will enjoy doing this workout, even if you decide to do it alone in front of the TV.

We advise you to try the African dance classes!

The act of dancing itself will remind you somehow of childhood, when you were 6-7 years old and went into the park to run, just for the sake of running and having fun with your friends. It’s a free dance style, as you have to relax in order to do the right steps and movements, which sometimes seem to be parts of a children’ game. It is mainly an endurance test, with vast and fast movements – thus, at the end of the session you feel proud that you managed to bounce effectively.

And, most of all, the African dance classes help you return to your roots.

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