Aerobic Sessions: The Secret

I know you wonder why the other girls lost more weight than you did after the aerobic sessions. Here are the most important secrets to a fast weight loss.

Proper hydration

First off, you’ll need to drink at least 2.5 liters of water per day, it won’t matter if it’s plain water or mineral. Before the hour of aerobics, during a 20 minutes period, you should drink 500ml of water, even more if you’re thirsty, but not less. Hydration needs to be done before sports, but also during the exercise.

During an hour of aerobics, after about 20 minutes of physical activity you can drink 200 ml of water for proper hydration It is also recommended another 500 ml plain water / mineral after completing the aerobic session (both containing minerals, minerals that you lose through sweat during exercise).

Given the fact you’re there to get rid of fat, and not train for the olympics, you do not need drinks containing glucose, fructose and electrolytes during aerobic time. If you’re going to aerobics session for maintenance, you can drink beverages with glucose and electrolytes during the session, at intervals of 20-25 minutes.

How, why and when to eat

Let’s pretend you’re at the beginning of aerobic classes. This physical activity should be made at the gym, but can be made at home with proper information (a tape for example). If you plan to lose weight is not necessary to follow a strict diet.

Try to eat healthy and balanced, namely:

1. Give up sweets, fast foods, fried foods, pastries, bread (or in limited quantity – from 2 to 4 slices / day);

2. Do not associate potatoes with the meat at the same table (you should eat meat with vegetable salads, not potatoes);

3. Avoid sweet sodas. All sodas contain a ton of sugar. It is permitted from time to time to have one, but try to replace them with something else. Also, try to stay away from CO2, you don’t want yourself “filled with air”;

4. Immediately after the aerobic session DO NOT eat those so-called diet bars – they contain between 170 and 200 calories. These bars are ‘good’ – they can help you lose weight included in a particular scheme or as a meal substitute. They can be eaten throughout the day, when we’re on the road or as a snack (if you have three meals a day and two snacks – one around 10 and one between lunch and dinner); Still, not all the brands are great, you may, or may not use them. I prefer not to recommend them, stick to natural food. 🙂

5. Try not eating anything after the aerobic session. After about 2 hours you should eat something light, such as a plain yogurt or some fruits.

6. Do not go to aerobics on an empty stomach – before 30-45 minutes, take a high-carbohydrate snack such as cereal bars or bars with plant fibers that provide the energy you need to exercise.

You should consider that going to aerobics won’t help you loose fat the way you want it. This is only 33 % of the work. You MUST change your eating habits and have plenty of rest each day in order to really obtain what you’re hoping for. Good luck! 🙂

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