5 Cardio Striptease Moves to Lose Weight

Striptease is more than a game of seduction. The flowing moves can help to shape your figure. The proof you can find in women from nightclubs, in addition to that fantastic moves they are stirring up wildest fantasies, and look sensational.

Gym program can be boring and can successfully be replaced by these movements that teaches you to seduce while you work your muscles. Megan Armand, author of the DVD Dance off the Inches: Cardio Striptease” teaches you the striptease lessons. Here are 5 Cardio Striptease Moves to Lose Weight. Try them out!

Exercise 1

Press with your hands on your thighs and wave your buttocks, bending your knees. You’ll feel the muscles working. Make it a demonstration for your lover and let your imagination work.

Exercise 2

Like walking on the heels, walking on the tips of your feet will work your leg muscles. Try to exaggerate the steps and move your entire body. Surprise your partner with the “delicious” movement, and wake his fantasy abandoning the clothes.

Exercise 3

Place your hands on the bottom in the “back pockets” area and make a circular motion from the pelvis. Bend your torso forward, touching knees with your hands and continuing movement of the bottom. This exercise not only helps toning your butt, but you train also the back muscles.

Exercise 4

Raise your arms above your head also bent a little the knees. In this position, you bend slightly to the left and then to the right.

Exercise 5

These moves help you work your entire body. Perform lifting moves of the leg and the opposite arm (photo), sitting on the tips of the feet.

Turn on the music and the let your body express itself! For more tips and exercises, watch the Cardio Striptease Video:

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