4 Workouts for SUPER ABS

Everyone wants “super abs”. That’s why we’ve decided to write an article containing 4 WORKOUTS FOR SUPER ABS. Chose the one that fits you best, and in no time, you’ll get the abs you’ve always wanted!

Are you among the women who stay away from tight clothes because of their belly?

Our specialists tell you what you should eat and which workout you should choose for a perfect abdomen.

Nobody looks perfect, but in many cases, body imperfections can be corrected.

For example, the excess of fat existent around the abdomen, whether you have recently given birth to a baby, or you have gained weight and your waist is encircled by fat, or on the contrary, you are slim but you don’t actually have a flat tummy, all these have plenty of solutions. You may also read our latest article:

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how to do ab exercises

Great abs

Daily workout and a healthy, correct diet are the answers for the question : “How can I obtain a smooth and admirable abdomen?”

Moreover, you will be proud to wear a tight dress or a bathing suit after achieving the abs you have always desired.

Keep a fast and healthy diet

If you want to obtain a great look in a short period of time, keep a more restrictive diet, following a few rules:

1. drink a considerable quantity of water daily

2. avoid alcoholic, sweet or caffeine beverages

3. give up meat, fat cheese

4. avoid spicy foods

5. eat many fruits and vegetables.

For example, at breakfast you could eat cereals with fresh fruits and a grapefruit juice or just a fruit salad.

For lunch you could choose from:

a vegetable soup with a slice of rye bread; a salad with pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds and yogurt as dressing; rice and salad with lemon, olive oil and unsalted cheese; grilled fish and salad or a baked potato.
At dinner time, you could go for just a vegetable salad or fish with a baked potato.

1. Swollen belly

The recommended workout for this type of belly problem emplies: lifting the trunk-the most popular workout for abs. However, the results of this exercise are great, creating a sexy abdomen in no time.

Lying on your back, place your hands under the head and raise the trunk towards the waist. The head and the back must be in a straight position. You must do 4 series of 20 lifts. This exercise works the upper abdomen.

amazing abs woman

Super abs

2. Mommy belly

Recommended workout: side crunch. This exercise will get you rid of the accumulated fat on the abdomen and thighs.

Sitting on your back, with your abdomen tense, slightly raise your head and chest, keeping the hands under your buttocks. Lift your legs 45 degrees from the ground and move them side to side. You must do 4 series of 30 such lifts.

3. Stress belly fat

How does it look like? In this case, fat is mostly present around the navel and not on the sides of the trunk. Also, this type of belly is quite firm.

Recommended workout: legs lift exercise. Sitting in “push-up” position, with straight back and head forward, bring the legs towards the chest through a short jump. Do 4 series, each of 20 bounces.

4.Floppy belly

Recommended workout: legs lift exercise. Lying on your back, with tense abdomen and hands under buttocks, lift your legs at approximately 45 degrees, without bending your knees. Do four sets of 20 lifts each.

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