3 Reasons to Tear yourself from the Treadmill

The benefits of exercise are widely known, but to many, the advantages of outdoor exercise over a visit to the gym are a mystery.  Despite this, there are a number of vital physiological, psychological and financial reasons which should keep you away from your treadmill and hurrying for your running gear and hiking shoes.  Here are the top 3 reasons to tear yourself from the treadmill.


You’ll Burn More Calories

According to a number of studies, it turns out that exercising outside has a number of health benefits over exercising indoors using gym equipment.

For a start, the amount that you flex your ankle on a treadmill is significantly reduced over when you run outside. A further point is that it is very difficult to produce a ‘downhill running’ motion on a treadmill and this is an action which places a lot of stress on the body and expounds a lot of energy.

Overall, the research points conclusively to the notion that outdoor running uses up more calories than indoor running.  One of the main factors which contributes to this statistic – other than the above physiological features – is that there is no wind being produced on the treadmill for the body to fight through.  So the physical advantages of outdoor exercise are many, but it can also promote a healthy mind, too.

Need To Spend More Time Outdoors?

Swapping your indoor gym time for a half an hour run in the morning or afternoon could be an excellent substitute which could let you see more of the great outdoors.

There are certainly psychological benefits to doing so, with even 20 minutes spent outdoors being enough to give you a boost of your vitality levels. So with the physiological and psychological benefits outlined, what about cost?

Save Money by Spending Calories

The excellent news is that exercising outside will save you money each month.  This is because you won’t need to pay expensive gym membership costs which can sometimes be a small fortune.

Instead, all you’ll need will be the equipment to do whichever outdoor exercise you choose to do.  For example, if you want to try your hand at long-distance cycling, you’ll need a bicycle and helmet. If you want to go hiking, you’ll need outdoor clothing – perhaps from a site like Warwickshire Clothing.

Ultimately, if you maintain your equipment well, you’ll see physical, mental and financial benefits from exercising outdoor, so tear yourself from the treadmill today.

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