3 Pieces of Fitness Equipment for a Low Cost Workout

How do you get fit if you don’t like or can’t afford the gym?  There’s a large fallacy in the UK that if you want to be fit you have to be part of a gym, but that’s not the case.  According to a recent study, 12% of the population are signed up to expensive gyms, but many people could save money by working out at home.  Here are 3 pieces of equipment for getting fit at minimal cost at home.

Tone your Torso with only a Towel

If you want an extremely effective workout that will tone your upper body, try using a simple towel to help you put stress around the right areas using your body weight.

Bender Ball

Exercising abs on the Bender Ball

A technique you can use is as follows.  Sit with your legs slightly apart with your arms stretched out above your head holding the towel.  Then move to your right side letting the towel touch the floor.  Then move so you’re sitting straight again. Repeat the process on the left side.  That’s your first rep.

Doing this around 20 times a day, 4 days a week will help you to build up a flat stomach.

Become Energised with an Exercise Ball

Brought to the fore by the orthopaedic doctor Susan Klein-Vogelbach, the exercise ball is an inexpensive method of exercising which will help build your posture and keep your skeletal structure straight and healthy.

If you suffer from acute or serious back pain, doing crunches over an exercise ball could help you to relieve your pain and rectify your situation by allowing you to gently massage the area while you exercise. It is also a very adaptable piece of equipment, as you can get them made to your size specifications.


Upscale your Upper Body with a Chin up Bar

If you really want to build on your upper body strength, you should consider getting a chin up bar which attaches to your door frame and allows you to do pull ups and standing crunches.

If you want to maximise the effect of your laying down crunches, a chin up bar can also be placed on the floor.  The best thing about this versatile piece of equipment is that they’re quite inexpensive, so you’ll be getting a heavy workout from a very small investment.

So Don’t Pay

So if you really don’t want to go to the gym, there’s really no need to worry – you can get a minimal cost workout from home!

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