Yoli Shake Reviews, Ingredients & Results

Today, a plenty of users opt for versatile nutritional supplements as an aid to control weight. These are tasty and rich-in-nutrient solutions to provide a body with minerals and promote fat burning. At the same time, it is easy to fail in choice and get an ineffective product that can only aggravate the current health condition. Otherwise speaking, users should be careful about what they drink as an additive.

Yoli YES

The shake with that name is designed to replace a full meal. It has a decent rating according to versatile web resources and enjoys popularity among numerous users. It may seem that your choice is done. However, it is always important to review any detail in order to avoid possible pitfalls. So, let’s see the essence of the supplement.


Any nutritional drink review should begin with ingredients. The core element of any MR shake is protein. In case of YES shake, this ingredient is represented by PuraWhey formula. In fact, there is nothing special about it. However, the manufacturer claims that the milk used for its production was taken from grass-fed cows. If you care, such argument may be significant. Still, it is a pure form of whey protein, which is free of hormones or other additives.

Other ingredients are of secondary importance and provide no weight management effect. Yet, few of them deserve a special attention due to possible adverse reactions. For example, inulin is known to cause side effects in the stomach if abused; guar gum is a thickener with a potential risk of loose stool and flatulence.

At the same time, the possibility of health issues can be observed through the actual application of the drink.

Customer Reviews

It was already mentioned that users praise high the Yoli shake review. It means that probable health issues are a rare thing to be found in feedback. Still, there are some points that cause the largest share of dissatisfaction.

First, the price of the supplement is too high. As of the writing day of this publication, the shake cost a bit more than $100 on Amazon. For that budget, users obtain 30 servings with 90 kcal each.

The second popular complaint is referred to functionality. However, this problem is controversial because approximately a half of users state that the shake is good for suppressing hunger. At the same time, the other half has the opposite opinion.


Good taste and organic nature are not always enough to achieve results in weight reduction. Yet, you should understand that any MR product is not oriented at such purpose. People use these supplements as a part of dieting to cope with a desire to eat more thus reducing the daily kcal rate. This is the primary function of shakes designed as a meal substitute.

YES by Yoli is not as effective as it is marketed. Certain ambiguity in coping with food cravings spoils the reputation of the product. Nevertheless, users keep on trusting the brand that is evidenced by 4.2 stars rating on the above-mentioned retail trade website.

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