Understanding the Sonoma Diet

Throughout time, women have always done their best to look incredible, to stay fit and healthy. Even so, in the more recent years, there have been some difficulties women have come against.

Stress and a tough work programs get in their way of looking splendid. Moreover, eating improperly also has its flaws and it leaves its prints on the body of a woman. Therefore, some diets have been put together, so as to help women have the body they have always dreamt of and one of these diets is the Sonoma diet.

What is the Sonoma Diet and How does it Work?

According to the researcher who came up with this dies, it seems that the Sonoma diet plan is not about depriving yourself, it is more about enjoying the food and combining healthy habits with pleasure.

Therefore, the Sonoma diet is not very hard to follow. From what Guttersen, the creator of the diet, said, it seems that this particular plan is not about avoiding certain foods, but enjoying them in the right amounts.

Review for the Sonoma Diet

Sonoma Diet meal plan

Therefore, any woman who has had troubles following strict diets in their past should make sure they follow this plan, because it is easy, and, after the induction period everything is permitted, or at least, almost everything.

The 10-day induction period is the restrictive part of the diet, but foods such as whole grains, nuts, eggs and even low fat dairy are allowed. After this period, women are allowed to eat some sweets and even drink wine.

What Am I Allowed to Eat during This Diet?

As I have already said, women are allowed to eat almost everything after the 10-day induction period. Even so, there are 10 foods which are better than others and they should be part of every woman’s plan who follows this particular diet.

For instance, bell peppers, almonds, blueberries, olive oil, blueberries, spinach, grapes, tomatoes, strawberries and whole grains are the power foods of this diet and women should make their plan around them. Aside of the fact that they are rich in healthy fats, they also give you a lot of energy and nutrients needed for the body to work properly.

It is very important, according to Guttersen, for women who follow this diet to make sure that their vitamins, calcium and iron levels are at normal levels. And, as a matter of fact, all the foods which can be eaten on this diet are full in such things.

Although the 10-day period will be a little hard to follow, because it is meant to help you get rid of your bad eating habits, it will get better in time. After the 10-day period, women are actually allowed to have a glass of red wine from now and then and some sweets, as well.

Bottom line, this particular type of diet has been planned for women who find it very difficult to follow a healthy plan, because they cannot restrict themselves from eating sweets or aliments full of fat.

This diet is easier to follow and it will make sure that you lose the extra pounds and you also get to live a healthier life. Try the Sonoma diet right now!

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