TOP 8: Ways to Cut Fat Easy!

Here are our TOP 8: Ways to Cut Fat Easy!

Everyone of us wants to look fit without making too many sacrifices. Find out how some small changes could make a BIG difference in your life! These are some of the Ways to Cut Fat Easy!


Dilute your juice

Fruit juice is fattening you! Only a bottle of 16 ounces of cranberry and grape mixture, for example, contains about 275 calories. Take out half of the bottle and empty it in a different bottle in order to preserve it, then fill the bottle with water. You will hardly notice the difference in taste, and you’ll cut half the calories.

Cut the Fat from Pizza

Everytime you order your pizza, ask for more tomato sauce and low fat cheese, because tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene. Reducing the mozzarella by just one third  will save you 20 grams (g) of fat per pie. That’s as much as in a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder.

Order the Steak Fries

If you like French fries, go for steak fries always. Large cut fries do not absorb as much oil as the fries or curly fries, which reduces the number of fat count.

Say goodbye to rubbery cheese

To avoid low-fat cheese from turning to rubber in the microwave, spritz your nachos with a quick blast of cooking spray, such as Pam, before nuking them. A similar trick involves spraying the inside of a grilled-cheese sandwich before you toss it in the frying pan. This adds just enough fat to make the cheese stay gooey and creamy as it slowly melts.

Juice a Stir-Fry

With a can of concentrated frozen orange juice, you have a great way to add flavor to fried chicken (or beef) and vegetables without adding fat. Just a few spoonfuls will do. (It’s even better if you add a little garlic.)

Cool your cans

Refrigerate canned meats, soups, sauces and other canned foods containing fat. Grease will float to the surface and you will be able to collect it with ease!

Oil the potatoes

To reduce the calories and fat, put a drizzle of olive oil on your baked potato instead of butter or sour cream.

Soften your Spread

Soften butter or margarine at room temperature or in the microwave. Chances are that you spread your bread with a quarter of the fat and calories you do when you put it on cold.


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