Tips for eating healthy

We all know that eating healthy, protein balanced, carbohydrate and fat help us maintain our weight and be healthy. I
do not think that we have to take drastic weight loss cures, but to combine harmoniously movement with a proper diet. Be aware that small tweaks that this article discusses will help you give up a lot of old habits, often very bad, and you’ll be more healthy and excited about the new silhouette.

Give up as much as possible from fatty meats, especially pork. We know that fat is responsible for increasing the amount of cholesterol and a high level of bad cholesterol leads to a series of heart disease. Replace the pork with beef or chicken and try to eat meat only once a day. To avoid body protein deficiency, eat mushrooms, dried beans, eggs, foods high in protein and much healthier.

You can choose the replace meat, even beef, with fish. Choose a variety of weak fish meat, preferably sweet water one . Have to know that because of increasing pollution, some species of fish that live in the sea, in the ocean or in lakes where are dumped wastewater may contain large quantities of mercury, lead, chromium.

They are highly toxic substances which can seriously affect your health, if you regularly consume fish. Regarding the fish meat, would have to say it’s better to include fish oil in regular meals, because it’s a very rich source of protein and vitamins. It helps to better brain development and nervous system.

Important sources of vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables should not miss the daily diet. But some fruits are high in carbohydrates, and then those will have to eat less often. The low in carbohydrates, but rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, cherries, apples, pears, strawberries, plums.

Grapes contain more carbohydrates but have a series of active compounds called antioxidants that protect the body from a series of free radicals.

Dairy products shouldn’t be eaten every day even if they have essential nutrients, but greater attention to how much fat containing. Choose milk and low fat cheese, partially skimmed, even if they are not very tasty they are healthier.

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  • Hmm, to be honest when I was discussing together with my best mate regarding this, the person had difficulty listening to me. It came to a point in which I was starting to feel I’m mistaken hahah. I understand that I’m right now 😀

  • Yes, but it won’t be easy thought. If you drink Alcohol, smoke, or fat then you going to have some really problems, check with a doctor first. I really recommend that you check with a doctor otherwise it might get ugly.

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