The Over 40 Diet

One you get older than 40, you begin to understand that the diet you have always used and that always helped you keep your figure does not seem to be working as effective as it used to. There are certain things which you need to change, if you want to keep your slim figure in old age. Getting older does not mean you need to get bigger. It is actually better for your health if you stay slim and fit for as long as you possibly can.

Understand the Changes Your Body is Going Through

Up until now you ran perfectly. Whether you did your job, ate, slept, ran or exercised, your body kept its slimness and you had a very nice figure. Then, the 40s happened to you and you witness a slight change in yourself. You no longer look as slim as you used to, even though you engage in the same activities that you did before and even though you did not start eating more. What is happening? Well, your body started going through some serious changes.

Once you hit 40, you need to understand that your body is preparing itself to enter the menopausal period and that means it is more concerned with getting the organs and everything inside your body ready rather than helping you out. Your metabolic rate has dropped significantly and your body is no longer able to burn as much fat as it used to. What do you do now?

Try Another Type of Diet!

The diet you have used for more than 10 years is currently not working so well for you, so you should consider making a change. Of course, now you have grown children, who need to eat and there’s also the husband. They all have to be fed and you probably do not have time for yourself anymore and eating healthily is no longer an option, because you are probably making a lot of food, to please all the other members of your family and you start putting on weight.

This means that you need to change something. The best thing you can do is to start teaching your kids to eat healthier. It is about cutting down the number of calories you are used to eating per day. Usually, women in their 40s have to reduce their calorie consumption with about 200 calories per day, in order to see the results of the diet. Mostly, it is about leading a healthier lifestyle. Also, try avoiding alcoholic beverages, sodas and even cappuccinos, because they are all filled with calories. Try eating an orange instead of a can of soda. It will not only satisfy your appetite, but it will also bring the amount of vitamins you need for your body to function normally and without problems.

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