The Instinct Diet – Losing Weight without pain

Today we are going to talk about The Instinct Diet. Losing weight can be quite a hard challenge for most women, mainly due to the fact that they are busy and do not have time to cook healthy and eat as wise. Therefore, specialists thought about every little detail and they came up with this diet.

The Instinct Diet is one of the healthiest and easiest diets there are known right now, and it is only natural, considering that it took the researchers 20years of work to come up with this new, improved and extremely healthy diet. Let’s see together what it involves. this diet invented by Susan B. Roberts, Ph.D. and Betty Kelly Sargent.

What is the Instinct Diet?

The Instinct Diet has been carefully planned, so as to help all women, regardless of their age, to lose the extra weight and to improve their overall lifestyle. The diet does not only tell you about what you should eat, but also how you should do it, which seems to be one of the most important things.

The main idea promoted by the diet is that people should be able to master their instincts without fear and without problems.

The Instinct diet is divided into three stages and during each stage, women will get the chance of learning new and very interesting things.

Very important for women to understand is how to control their instincts, as this is the only way they can lose weight without gaining back again after the diet is completed and they start eating normally.

The Instinct Diet Plan - Losing Weight Without Pain -

The Instinct Diet Review

Instinct Diet? What can I eat?

Given that there are some principles you will have to follow during the Instinct diet, the foods you will be able to eat are not exactly extremely varied.

First of all, understand that the five food instincts we have – hunger, availability, calorie density, familiarity and variety – must all be suppressed, because this is the only way in which we will be able to lose weight and maintain this weight for a very long time.

In what concerns what we are allowed to eat during the Instinct diet, things are quite simple, actually. As I have already mentioned, the diet is divided into three phases.

During all these phases, you will be able to eat foods rich in fibers, which means that you will be fully satisfied. Even so, during the first phase, you will not be allowed to eat refined carbs and you will not be allowed to drink alcohol. The main idea is to follow either a 1,600 or a 1,800 calorie type of diet.

The second stage is a lot easier to keep than the first one, and once you hit the third stage of the diet, you will be able to maintain your desired weight.

The plan is very well structured and the foods are quite consistent, so you will not feel any craving or desire for any type of food which can interfere with your goal of losing weight.

Here is a sample for the instinct diet menu WITH MEAT taken from the book:

instinct diet meals

Instinct Diet Menu

and one Vegetarian Menu for the Instinct diet

instinct diet meal plan

Vegetarian menu for the Instinct Diet

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