The Gerson Diet

Even though when you are diagnosed with cancer you believe there are very small chances to recuperate, you should fight as hard as you can against it using every possible way. It may seem a little bit odd that keeping a certain diet could reduce tumors and even make them disappear, but you should have faith and stick to the program. The Gerson diet was initially founded more than 80 years ago and updated in a more recent book called “Healing the Gerson Way”, written by the daughter of the initial author, Charlotte Gerson. This book explains how a diet can be a good treatment for serious illnesses and cancer if it is based on the right foods.

Recommended Food Products

The Gerson diet actually promotes the idea that a high consumption of fresh juices made of certain fruits and vegetables can boost your immune system and fight properly against tumors. The correct amount of juice is eight glasses per day at hourly intervals. It usually should be made from oranges, carrots, leafy green vegetables and apples.

If you believe this is a strict diet and it is totally based on raw food, you are wrong. The Gerson diet actually puts great accent on cooked meals and considers them vital for the success of the program. You can add to your meals special vegetable soup, potatoes and oatmeal.

Some other food products that are highly recommended are fresh and dried fruit, flaxseed oil, baked potatoes, oatmeal, organic rye bread, cooked and raw vegetables and most importantly fresh juice. If you need some guideline on how you can plan your meals, you could eat for breakfast raw fruit, oatmeal with honey, a small glass of orange juice, for lunch you can enjoy a large salad, mashed potatoes, ten oz of special soup, some stewed fruit and one cooked vegetables. Dinner includes the same food as lunch, with the exception that you can change some fruits and vegetables.

Physical exercise is not required since if you feel ill it might slower the process of healing. Maybe a strange thing for some is the coffee enemas. They should be done every four hours and their purpose is to eliminate toxins and relieve pain. The author considers they are very significant for the diet to succeed, and that’s why they should be done at the right time.

Disadvantages of the Gerson Diet

The Gerson diet may be very hard to keep because preparing the juices requires a lot of time. The initial steps may even interfere with your work. Additionally, the organic raw food could be very expensive and even the juicer may be out of reach. Moreover, given that the juices have to be in great quantities and the person who has to take it may feel very ill, they might even stay at the Gerson center or hire a special individual just to prepare the right meals.

The Gerson diet has shown many great results yet it is not 100% effective. It depends on the stage of the cancer and also how you think and feel. You have to keep a positive attitude and believe in healing in order to be successful.

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