The Flavor Point Diet: Stay on Course

The Flavor Point Diet is different than the other types of available diets, as it does not involve eliminating certain types of foods, reducing too many calories, and neglecting exercising.

On top of that, the diet has been created by David Katz, MD, a Yale University nutrition expert, and his wife Catherine Katz. The two promise a very nutritious and tasty diet which will lead to impressive weight loss, and a healthier lifestyle.

This is The First Diet Based on Science of Flavors

This is the first diet based on the science of flavors, and the effect the flavors have on appetite. The two authors have stated that when we combine foods which have different flavors, such as salty and sweet for example, we tend to overeat. If we limit the flavors when we eat, then the brain will not be too tempted to make us overeat.

Katz admitted that the diet seems a little odd, but he promises that it works. The first two weeks are aimed at educating the dieter about the way in which food should be combined. Each week and each day is accompanied by a well explained menu. An example for a week would be: spinach, orange, mint, lemon, pecan, dill, cranberry.

You can choose alternates for a food or a snack, which means that most of the people will be able to eat what they like. By following this diet one consumes between 1,300 and 1,500 calories per day, which is excellent for losing weight.

After the first three weeks, people can choose a day in which they can eat only chocolate or only coconut. This day as well, does not exceed 1,300 calories.

The Diet Is Efficient, According to the Experts

After the first three weeks, more foods are added to the diet, but they follow the same plan: stick to a flavor. The final phase involves following the same rule, but selecting your own foods. Foods high in fat and added sugars are not allowed.

The diet book contains more details about that. The principle of the diet is very simple: do not combine flavors because if you do, you will be tempted to overeat. This means that you can enjoy lots of foods, as long as they fall in the same flavor category. According to the book authors, you can lose 16 pounds in six weeks.

The experts recommend the diet because it is very healthy; it is able to provide all the necessary nutrients, and it can help people lose weight. The diet involves lots of cooking, and some might not be too pleased about that.

People who want to lose weight should consider following the Flavor Point Diet. It is healthy, nutritious, and it encourages healthy cooking, and healthy eating. It is also useful as it can be used by the whole family, which is very important.

If more people start dieting, they have higher chances of succeeding, as they are not tempted to eat the foods which other people are eating.

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