Step Diet: Counting Steps instead of Calories

Losing the extra weight is something all women dream about. Some of us decide to do something about it and some of us decide that they have already found their path in life and starting this moment, they do not need to look their best anymore.

Of course, a chubby lady can look amazing, but what about the way she feels? Do chubby women feel great? I think that regardless of how positive one can be, we cannot love everything about us and most women find those extra few pounds to be the worst and hardest burden they have to bear.

However, there are plenty of things that can be done in order to lose weight and one of those things is trying the Step Diet.

What is the Step Diet about?

The Step Diet has been used for quite some time know and its main principle is to count steps instead of calories or fat grams. According to the people who have come up with this diet, it seems that this is actually a compilation of things and ways of keeping your body look great and having a healthy diet for the rest of your life.

The worst thing about people today is that they do not eat healthy. With this diet, however, everyone can drop off the extra pounds and lead a healthier lifestyle.

The Step Diet is quite easy to follow and the main premise is to walk 10,000 steps per day and to trim your meal portions by a quarter and you will most definitely lose weight. The more you move, the more weight you are going to lose.

This diet is actually a life-long plan, which should be followed by anyone who is looking to look their best, even in their old age. For younger people who are very busy with work, this too can be quite useful.

How to keep the step diet

Step Diet: Counting Steps instead of Calories

The most important thing people need to understand is that this type of diet is for those who are willing to change their life little by little.

What can I eat during the Step Diet?

This type of diet allows you to eat whatever you like, as long as you make sure that you reduce your portion size by 25 percent. After you do this, you will have to start walking about 2,000 steps per day and then increasing the amount to 10,000 steps per day.

Of course, it is highly recommended that people eat healthy food, such as vegetables and fruits. Even so, if you desire to eat a piece of cheesecake, you can eat it, but you will have to compensate with walking more steps.

Walking is good and it is one of the simplest forms of exercising. Although this is a good way for older people to stay in shape, it is the perfect way of keeping a healthy lifestyle for very busy, young people.

Therefore, anyone who does not have the time to go to the gym every other day should try this type of step diet.

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