Spring Detox – Health for the entire year

Body Detox is a beneficial process for both physically and mind. It helps to eliminate toxins, increase immunity and regulate bowel movements, and spring is the ideal season to appeal to such a health cure.

After putting our body to harsh treatments during the winter, it`s time you should do a detox diet. Good news! You have to change both your diet and lifestyle.

The detoxification consists in eating what spring offers you, namely fresh fruit and vegetables, reduce animal fat and add various teas, herbs and herbal extracts in your diet.

Herbs such as parsley, nettles, spinach or onions have the effect of eliminating toxins from the body. They are full of enzymes, minerals and vitamins, with a low energy charge, as specified by specialists.

Also, It is proven that green tea is very effective when it comes to detoxification diets, as well as salads. In the elimination of “bad” substances¬† from your body, hydration is vital. Doctors recommend at least 2 liters of fluid each day.

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