Special Diet for the Apple-Shaped Women

It is widely known that a woman’s body can be either referred to as a pear-shaped or an apple-shaped one. Apple shaped women are those who have a very wide torso, a full waist and bust.

Usually, for these women, the fat gets on the middle section of the body, meaning on the chest, stomach and on their abdomen, making it very hard for them to lose the extra weight stored there.

Moreover, women who have this shape have very slim thighs and legs and a flat behind, while their upper part if a bit more prominent.

Even so, women get this type of shape only after a certain age or after certain stages of their lives, such as pregnancies. But there are also plenty women who are a little chubbier and who are apple shaped and who find it very difficult to lose the extra weight on their tummies.

The thing is that losing weight is a little more complicated for these women and it can also lead to depression, because the results are usually seen very hard. Yet, they do appear and once they do, everyone is happy.

Dieting for Apple-Shaped Women

If you have an apple shaped body, before you get out of your way trying to lose weight, there are some things you need to get acquainted with. For instance, you have to know your body mass index, also called the BMI.

Diet for Apple Shaped Women

Diet for Apple-Shaped Women

This is the sole factor which will help you set your weight target. Another thing you have to know is that it can take a while until you hit that target and the road is not all riches and diamond rings, so you have to be patient and have willpower.

Usually, women’s BMIs are between 20 and 22. Women who have a body mass index between 23 and 25 cannot be categorized as overweight yet, but they are heading towards this point.

However, if your BMI is above 26, you need to take a stand and do something about that extra fat that is on your body, as it can only do you a lot of harm.

What is the Best Diet for an Apple Shaped Woman?

Usually, diets should be personal and every woman should follow her own, unique type of diet. Yet, there is common knowledge regarding the apple shaped women and they can do a lot of things to do weight.

For instance, try drinking as much green tea as possible. This type of tea is very rich in antioxidants and it will also help you lose a lot of weight. If you are trying to follow a diet, try including green tea and drink it on a regular basis.

Other things such as raw veggies, acai berry are also very important for your diet.

Veggies are very rich in fibers and they can keep you satisfied for a longer period of time.

Acai berry is very well known for the properties it has regarding colon cleansing and that is very important for you if you are trying to lose weight.

If you are an apple shaped woman, try any of the advices above!


  • Hi guyz can you kindly design an apple shape body diet maybe for a week,for breakfast,lunch and supper so that we can follow it.I have that kind of body kind of body followed so many diets but after I gain weight again I’m so depressed.Kind Regard Moipone

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