Skinny Vegan Diet: Lose Fat with style

This book is for the people who want to have a very thin body, similar to the ones of the models. It is a very low calorie vegan diet, and it seems that it is pretty popular weight loss book.

The name of the book/diet is called Skinny B**** (something that rimes with itch). The book was written by Kim Barnouin, who is a former model, and Rory Freedman, a former model agent.

According to the two, if you eat a vegan diet you will have lots of energy, you will be happier, and you will be extremely skinny. It seems that you will be very healthy as well.

the Skinny Vegan Diet

Skinny Vegan Diet: The Authors Are Not Really Experts

Some said that the book was a way of drawing attention towards animal rights. Barnouin says that isn’t so, adding that people need to “pay more attention to the things they put in their mouth”. Barnouin has a degree in holistic nutrition, from an unrecognized school.

The experts warn about trusting these so-called experts. You can eat as much as you want with this diet, as long as it isn’t meat, dairy, eggs, fish, flour, sodas, and all the other foods which contain chemicals. The book recommends yoga and exercising.

You can eat numerous fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, whole grain cereal, and many other unprocessed foods. Certain processed foods are accepted as well. You are encourages to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner and various snacks as well.

You will be amused by the way in which some of the forbidden foods are described, making it clear that one of the reasons for the book was to raise awareness regarding animal rights. The authors want to change the way in which people eat. By eating a vegan diet, people will be healthier, and detoxified.

Dieters should expect to have headaches, nausea, and hunger, but that they should not worry about these symptoms, as they indicate that the body is getting rid of the toxins. Fasts and cleanses are also recommended, despite of the fact that most experts consider them unhealthy.

Experts say that you will lose weight with this diet, but only because the number of calories you consume is very low. They say that by eliminating the animal products, you prevent the body from getting very important nutrients. The experts recommend talking to an expert first, and using a vegan diet if your doctor allows you to do it.

The Skinny Vegan Diet is Useless, The Experts Say

Experts stated that this diet is flawed, as it isn’t healthy, and people who drastically reduce the number of calories might get sick. Feeling hunger, nausea and headaches is not normal, even if your intention is to lose weight.

The two authors are against the consumption of dairy products; the negative things which they address against dairy have not been proven. Dairy, and meat is okay to consume.

Experts advise us to ignore the diet, as it is obvious that the two authors are not in the position to give advice about dieting.

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