Is the Rice Diet Solution the Best Solution?

Women all over the world fear the exact same thing – that one day they will get old and they will start gaining a lot of weight. Well, the truth of the matter is that if a young woman is taking care of her diet and lifestyle right now, there are high chances to look impeccable even at 50, 60 or 70 years old.

The trick is to know what to eat, when to eat it and what exercising you should accompany the diet with. According to scientists, one of the most effective diets is the rice diet solution.

What is the Rice Diet Solution and how does it Work?

The first thing people need to know about the rice diet solution is that it is not recommended for people who has kidney problems or for someone who has had a colon resection.

The reason behind this is the fact that the diet is extremely rigid and restrictive and this means that anyone who cannot limit themselves from salt, fat, sugar and processed foods should not try this type of diet.

Given that these things are excluded or extremely limited, people who are planning to follow this diet are promised to lose about 30 pounds during the first month and then, about 3.5 pounds per week, in the later phases.

The rice diet review

Review: Rice Diet Solution the Best Solution?

This type of diet has been proven for more than two or three times to work excellently, but people should understand that cutting back on these types of foods is not the only thing they have to do, as they also need to exercise. Yoga, mindfulness and meditation are also recommended to people who are planning to try this diet.

What Can You Eat during the Rice Diet Solution?

Although it is obvious what dieters are going to eat during this diet – rice, there are also some other foods they are allowed to eat. The rice is only one of the 30 foods available for any meal.

Besides rice, the diet also allows people to eat low-sodium beans, vegetables, fruits, nonfat dairy, whole grain starches and lean protein sources. According to the authors of the diet, such a plan can keep anyone fully satisfied.

The diet has more phases and it looks like this. The first phase is in the first week of the diet and it includes a basic rice diet in the first day (about 800 calories) plus 2 fruits and 2 starches, eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner; during the remaining days, people will have to eat a sort of lacto vegetarian rice diet, of about 1,000 calories.

For breakfast is allowed a starch, a fruit and a nonfat fairy product, while for lunch and dinner, you can eat 3 starches and 3 vegetables and a fruit.

The second and third phase look almost the same, but instead of eating 1,000 calories, people will be allowed to eat up to 1,200 calories, which is the normal amount, recommended to all people.

Therefore, anyone who is willing to lose a lot of weight and who has will power should try the rice diet.

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