Painkillers Connected to Male Reproductive Disorders

The United States of America has been struggling with the problem of painkiller abuse for a very long time and even though things seem to have calmed down in the past couple of months, there is still an issue which worries researchers very much. However, even though this is no longer a big concern for the United States people, there is something that worries the entire world.

A new study made by researchers from France, Finland and Denmark shows that pregnant women who take a mild painkiller during the same time of their pregnancy have a very high risk of having a son who will show signs of reproductive disorders. Mild painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen seem to harm the baby in the womb, especially if they are taken during the second semester. The boy babies of women who take these painkillers may be born with cryptorchidism, also known as undescended testicles, which can lead to serious problems.

How do painkillers affect the baby?

Throughout time it has been proven that pills taken during pregnancy can cause a lot of trouble. Now, the most recent study shows that painkillers can also create a lot of problems for boy babies whose mothers took a mild pill during their second semester.

Although up until now the reproductive disorders which appeared in men in their 40s were blamed on the pollution and the environment, the researchers involved in this new study says that these men face these problems especially due to the fact that their mothers took painkillers while they were pregnant with them.

A real threat

Although mild painkillers such as ibuprofen and paracetamol have been used for such a long time without having caused too much trouble, it seems that they can be the main reason for which men could have problems with their reproductive system. People find themselves taking such a common painkiller at least once a week for several reasons, but according to the researchers involved in the study, we should treat our pains with more natural products.

According to the researchers, these mild painkillers can lead to serious issues later in life for a baby whose mother took such a pill during her second semester of pregnancy. Moreover, it seems that women who took more than one tablet put their boy babies to a risk which is 16 times bigger than that of children born from women who did not take these pills.

A pregnancy is not an easy thing and most women go not only though many changes, but they also face many pains. Having someone grow inside of you is definitely not painless and for this, women usually recur to the mildest of painkillers, which seemed not to harm them in any way. Although women are advised not to take drugs during pregnancy because they can harm the baby, there are some who simply cannot take the pain.

In order to protect your child from having reproductive disorders later in life, you should most definitely think about not taking these pills and rather go with an alternative treatment.

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