Lose Weight with the Flexitarian Diet

Have you ever had a vegetarian friend who always boasted about how great she was feeling with her diet and how much weight she has lost?

Well, if you still cannot get your grandma’s chicken out of your mind, but you do want to follow a type of diet similar to a vegetarian one, there is something you can do. The Flexitarian diet is the new trend in matters of diets and the best part of it all is that it does really work.

Throughout time, experts and scientists have continually checked whether diets full in plants are healthier or more benefic for our bodies and every time, they got to the same conclusion.

These types of diets are indeed a lot healthier and they do not only have the ability of keeping you healthy for a longer period of time, but they also help you lose the extra weight and change your overall lifestyle into something better.

And, if you are not convinced that vegetarians live longer, learn that they do, with about 3.6 more than others do and they also have 15 percent higher chances of looking slimmer, better.

What is the Flexitarian Diet All about and how does it Work?

The Flexitarian diet is not a vegetarian type of diet, it is much rather the type of diet which will help you renounce meet, little by little, step by step until you get to say about yourself that you are a vegetarian. This lifestyle has been proven to be a lot healthier and to have a lot more benefits.

Also, it is a little less expensive to be a vegetarian, considering the fact that most money we spend goes on poultry or meat. Therefore, renouncing this type of food little by little is one good and healthy way of improving our health and of losing weight.

It is said that whoever has the power of sticking to the Flexitarian diet for about 6 to 12 months can lose more than 30 pounds and that weight is going to go away healthily, in comparison to the way in which other people lose weight, by not eating or by eating all sorts of unhealthy things.

Anyway, the main idea is that this type of diet is helpful, not only if you want to lose weight, but also if you want to improve your overall lifestyle.

What Can I Eat during the Flexitarian Diet?

There are more than 100 recipes people following this particular diet can use in order to make sure they are going to lose the extra pounds. If you having troubles giving meat up, you will see that with the help of this diet, you will have no more problems.

Usually, the Flexitarian diet involved 3 meals and 2 snacks, containing in medium about 1,500 calories.

These calories are divided as follows – snacks have 150 calories each, breakfast has 300, lunch 400 and dinner 500.

The most common aliments included in the Flexitarian diet are things such as vegetables and fruits, nuts and beans, but also some dairy products, including kefir.

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