The New and Improved Beverly Hills Diet

One of the recent diets people use in order to lose weight is the New Beverly Hills Diet. The purpose of the New Beverly Hills Diet is to combine eating the right foods in order to lose weight.

It is an improvement of the Beverly Hills Diet, which the nutritionists considered too harsh on the body, and too dangerous for the health.

Do not combine Carbohydrates with Protein if you want to lose weight

Judy Mazel, the one who made the diet states that in order to lose weight, we need to stop combining proteins with carbohydrates, and fruits with any other food group. According to Mazel, it is not the amount of food we eat which makes us fat, but the combinations of food we eat.

If you use this diet, you are not allowed to combine proteins with carbohydrates. You can only combine proteins with proteins, and far, carbs with carbs, and fat. Also, the fruits should not be combined with anything.

The first meal of the day should be a fruit. You can eat as much of that particular fruit as you like, but if you want to change the fruit, you need to wait an hour. In case you want to eat protein or carbs, you should wait two hours before you make the switch. Once you consume carbs or proteins, fruits are no longer allowed for the remainder of the day.

New Beverly Hills Diet

New Beverly Hills Diet

If you consume carbohydrates after fruits, you can consume as many carbs as you want, until you consume proteins. If you consume proteins after fruits, 80% of the food you consume the rest of the day, should be protein-based. One of the meals can combine carbs and proteins.

Mazel stated that one can expect to lose 15 pounds during the first 35 days, which represent the initiation phase. Mazel states that the reason why we gain weight is because of the undigested food from the body. When we combine different types of food, it remains in the body for a long period of time, which leads to weight gain.

Does the New Beverly Hills Diet actually work?

According to Mazel, the fruits get digested in 20 minutes or so, the carbs in 3 hours, and the proteins in 10 hours. Because of this, proteins and carbohydrates should never be combines, as the fast digesting group is trapped behind the slow digesting one.

This means, according to Mazel, that we can eat as much carbohydrates as we want, sweets included, without gaining weight. Exercise is not required, or so she says.

Experts tend to disagree, and say that the diet prevents one from getting the required nutrients. They also say that the reason why people lose weight when they are on the diet is because they consume fewer calories than usual.

Combining the food groups has no importance whatsoever, it seems. They stated that the positive thing about the diet is the fact that thanks to it, people eat more fruit and vegetables.

Nutritionists do not recommend the New Beverly Hills Diet, because it is more damaging than beneficial.

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