How to Lose Weight Only by Eating Healthy

When people reach a certain age, the human body cannot keep up with the high intake of fats and sugars, creating fat deposits that are not esthetical and at a certain point can harm their health. For this reason they try as much as possible to lose weight and instead of choosing a healthy method they famish themselves. This leads to a very unbalanced organism and can provoke many diseases and disorders. The best diet for losing weight includes a variety of foods that are well portioned so they provide the necessary amount of vitamins, proteins and fats.

Eat the right food to stay healthy and slim

A good diet starts in the morning. Eggs are the best food products that should be eaten for breakfast. Studies have shown that people who ate scrambled eggs in the morning didn’t feel an urge to eat anything else for many hours after. It is best to avoid eating bagels or other type of food that contains white wheat flour in the morning.

Beans will also help decrease your appetite making you eat less. They contain a digestive hormone called cholecystokinin that is a natural appetite suppressant. A research carried out by scientists from University of California has shown that the amounts of this hormone are bigger after a meal based on beans than a rice and dry milk meal. Additionally, beans can also lower the cholesterol level and protect the heart.

Green tea has also tremendous benefits over the human body. Not only does it burn fats but also speeds up the metabolism. Green tea contains antioxidants known as catechins that have a great effect over the digestive system and they improve all processes. The body mass index will immediately drop and you will also have lower levels of LDL cholesterol.

If you are the kind of person who has a tendency to overeat, then you should know that eating a salad before the meal will help you reduce the quantity of food ingested afterwards. A report from the Penn State University shows that 42 women who had eaten salad consumed with 12 % less pasta afterwards, even though they could eat as much as they wanted to. The reason is that salad has a bigger volume and will make anyone feel too full to consume other foods.

Exercise and eat less

In order to lose weight you should also try to calculate the amounts of calories you need to consume in a day and then divide it into seven meals. By eating less but more often you will make your body believe that it will always receive the right amount of food it needs so it’s not necessary to create fat deposits. This will really increase the speed of your metabolism and also give you more energy.

Exercise should not be overlooked. Even though you eat healthier and you have balanced meals you should not forget that doing physical exercise puts your muscles into movement and increase your circulation. Everything that makes your blood flow faster will also cause faster processes with the result of a better metabolic function.

If you want to lose weight healthy, you should first talk to a nutrition that will recommend you the exact amount of good food you need.



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