High School Reunion Diet: Slim Down Efficiently

The High School Reunion Diet promises to help you look great in 30 days, just in time for the, you guessed it, reunion. According to David Colbert, the author of the study, a New York dermatologist, the secret to a better looking body is to eat unprocessed foods.

He says that a diet consisting only in unprocessed foods is better than Botox.

High School Reunion Diet: Eliminate the Processed Foods to Be Healthy

He says that many of his clients, which include Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams, had a great look. They had something in common: the fact that they ate only fresh foods. He says that the reason why people all over the world have obesity problems is because of the processed foods, and the ones which contain added sugars.

Those types of foods are also the reason why some people have bad skin. According to Mr. Colbert, the best thing you can do in order to improve your body, appearance, and health, is to eliminate the processed foods from your diet. People who make this change have higher chances of becoming healthy and slimmer.

During the first phase of the diet you can eat only lean meats, nuts, certain fruits, vegetables, fish rich in Omega 3, eggs, herbs and spices. Lots of water is recommended during this period. After the first two weeks, people can lose between 5 and 10 pounds.

The second phase, which begins after the first 14 days, are free to eat more fruits, whole grains, and they can also consume wine. The foods which are not on the menu for these two weeks are not allowed. This means that sodas, alcohol, fruit juices, are forbidden.

However, the author of the study stated that certain processed foods are allowed, but that they should be kept to a minimum.

Colbert recommends consuming food which does not come in a package, because that type of food is the healthiest. The first phase of the diet is supposed to help you eliminate your cravings. The second one is supposed to help you lose lots of weight.

You do not need to count calories with this diet, but you will need to perform exercises. If you cut calories and replace the bad food with the healthy one, then you will certainly lose weight.

The Experts Recommend the High School Reunion Diet

The experts stated that a diet, or a lifestyle change which encourages eating healthy foods, exercising on a regular basis, not smoking or drinking, is the best way to lose weight, and to look better.

Some of the experts do not agree with the fact that sugar should be completely be eliminated from the body, as they say that sugar in small quantities is not harmful. Also, it could be extremely hard to eliminate all processed foods from the diet.

The experts also say that some processed foods, such as whole-grain cereal, pasta, beans, and others are not harmful, as this weight-loss plan suggests.

This plan can be useful as long as you can stick to it. Completely eliminating the processed foods might be easier said than done.

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