Gluten Free Diet for Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a genetic disorder which affects 1 in 133 Americans. When a person suffers from celiac disease they cannot tolerate gluten, a substance that is found in rye, wheat, oats and barley. This may cause different symptoms that doctors usually misinterpret and give a wrong diagnosis. Those symptoms are weight loss, diarrhea, abdominal bloating, bone pain and also mild weakness. If this doesn’t seem serious, then it is also good to know that if it’s not treated in time and if a proper diet is not adopted, it may lead to gastrointestinal cancer.

Gluten Free Diet

If you were diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten intolerance then you should immediately start a diet that doesn’t include this substance. There are numerous meal plans and books to help you, and we present you some guidelines on what to eat and not to eat.

First of all, you should read the label of every product you buy and carefully search for any type of gluten. Generally, you should avoid items containing bleached flour, such as cookies and pasta, malt products, matza, tabouli, teriyaki sauce, wheat and graham flour, soy sauce, whiskey and beer.

Even though the main idea of the diet is to avoid gluten products, it is not ideal to eat everything that is gluten free. You should adopt a healthier lifestyle and create balanced meals so you can substitute the amount of carbohydrates you took from bread and cookies. If you simply cut off foods that contain gluten and don’t replace them with anything, you will experience other health problems and might even get more ill than if you had eaten the “forbidden” foods.

Recommended Foods with No Gluten

If you need a list to pick your products from, then you should know that it is highly recommended consuming the following: poultry, rice, almonds, quinoa, fish, vegetables, pumpkin seeds, rice bread, black-eyed peas, lean meat, walnuts, fruits, pinto beans, sesame seeds, potatoes, dairy products, pecans and black beans.

The ideal diet divides all the gluten free products into three categories and the dieter only needs to pick one type of food from each category for every meal. In order to decide which size should the portions be, the person should also establish the number of calories per day suitable for them and then divide it to every snack and meal. There should be three main meals per day and two snacks, one during the morning and one during the afternoon.

If you believe that you have celiac disease you should go to the doctor. A gluten free diet is really important since you can avoid many unpleasant symptoms and even prevent the apparition of cancer. At the same time, a gluten free diet will help you lose a lot of weight. Bread, cookies and pretzels have the highest amount of carbohydrates that in time can affect your cholesterol, especially if they are made with white flour. Adopting a healthier lifestyle will be easy if you keep this diet and you choose your foods wisely. A balanced meal is the most important thing for someone’s health.

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