Five-Day Diet to Decrease Your Blood Sugar

This original 5-day diet was invented by nutritionist Adele Puhn and it is based on the idea that the less sugar there is in your blood, the smaller the desire of eating unhealthy food. Although the diet is planned for five days, you should keep in mind that it’s ideal to change your entire lifestyle, not only your eating habits for a short period of time. Your body will return to its initial state and you will have worked for nothing.  Keeping your blood sugar low is vital since many diseases connected to it appear at the age of over 39.

The Basics of the Five-Day Diet

This diet can be followed even more than five days, since this period actually refers to the amount of time the blood sugar needs to stabilize. Generally speaking, you have to eat three meals a day and two to four snacks between meals.

You should also take into consideration the meal time. For example, breakfast should be eaten within 30 minutes after you get up, due to the fact that the organism needs energy after a prolonged state of inactivity and food is the one that provides it. If you keep your body without any sources of energy, you will have cravings, especially for sugars and carbohydrates.

Lunch shouldn’t be eaten later than 1PM and dinner before 7PM. It is also important not to feel hungry so you should have a snack as often as your organism requires it, in between meals, in such way so you won’t go more than 3 hours without eating. As a basic rule, breakfast should consist of a mixture of protein and complex carbohydrates and lunch and dinner of vitamins and proteins. Snacks between meals should be low glycemic index fruits and vegetables. Be careful though, many fruits and dairy products have high glycemic index, for example grapes, yogurt, bananas and bagels.

On a regular diet, 75% of the successful results are based on the evolution of the organism and 25 % on your way of thinking and feeling. If you don’t keep up with your diet in the first five days, you will have to start over. However, if you have truly changed your lifestyle, then you can have occasional indulges.

Recommended Foods

In order to respect your diet, you should carefully choose your food by calculating how many proteins and carbohydrates it has and also what is its glycemic index. Some of the best foods to start your new eating style are: chicken breast, cucumber, egg whites, turkey, tomato, celery, orange, peppers, apple, strawberries and cantaloupe.

For example, you can create your diet eating scrambled egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast, apples for morning snack, chicken salad for lunch, cantaloupe as afternoon snack and for dinner vegetables and turkey.

All in all, this diet is good because it decreases the level of blood sugars and also stabilizes it. It is also suitable for vegetarians and it makes reference to the psychological aspects determining overeating. However, some of those who want to lose weight consider this diet quite difficult to keep since it is so restrictive.

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