Finding the Right Diet for Different Body Types

It seems like everywhere you look there are suggestions, products, or health advocates that want to help you lose weight. Nowadays, trying different diets is as common as changing your socks, and it can often only to lead to frustration when you make all the changes and nothing happens.

Did you know there are actually different body types, and depending on what body type you are makes a difference in the nutrition you need? You can stop loathing your best friend for being able to eat everything and never gain a pound, and find the right nutritional needs for your personal body type.


What Are the Different Body Types?

It really isn’t your imagination, there are some people who can eat anything and never gain a pound and others who simply dream about Oreos and puff up like a blowfish. lists the different body types, and the characteristics that make them unique.

  #1- Ectomorph:

  -Naturally skinny.

  -Able to eat anything they want without typically gaining weight.

  -Lightning fast metabolism.

  -Tiny bone structure.

  -Naturally lacks muscle and strength.

  #2- Endomorph:

  -Super slow metabolism.

  -Thick bone structure.

  -Naturally big and strong.

  -Naturally lacking tone, definition, and any real form of leanness.

  #3- Mesomorph:

  -Metabolism is not too fast or slow.

  -Ideal bone structure.

  -Naturally lean, muscular, and athletic.

Diets for Ectomorph

Rob Sulaver of describes ectomorphs as more “Napoleon Dynamite than Thor”. One of the things he encourages is to take advantage of carbohydrates. Sulaver points out you can ‘eat a boatload’ and never feel full, and you will have more energy to fuel your workouts. Protein is an ectomorph’s best friend. Have a serving after every workout to help recover and build your muscles. A few other great tips he offers are:

  -Pace yourself and eat every 2-4 hours because of your fast metabolism.

  -Balance is important. Make sure you’re taking in fruits and veggies, and not just eating junk food.

Rob simplifies it by stating, “If you are an ectomorph and you are trying to add lean body mass, you need to take some of the rules that apply weight-loss and turn them on their head”.

Nutrition for Endomorphs

It is pretty rare that people are jealous of endomorphs and their ‘naturally slow metabolism’. writer Linda Tarr Kent tells endomorphs:

  -Increase protein so that it makes up half of your daily caloric intake.

  -Eat medium to low amounts of carbs.

  -Police your fat intake!

When an endomorph eats carbs, they should try to make it some type of fibrous food instead of a starchy food. Endomorphs are more insulin sensitive than other body types and may even want to use a glucose monitoring app to watch their blood sugar while they’re dieting. And it is important that your proteins and fats be lean and healthy like monounsaturated nuts, avocados, seeds, and so on.

Eating for a Mesomorph

Mesomorphs are naturally the most balanced, but they still need to be aware of the right nutrition for their body type in order to stay fit. On Hugo Rivera explains “Genetics will determine how quickly results will be achieved from a training program and how far the body will be taken when pushed to the extreme”. contributor James Rutter shares insights for mesomorph diet plans.


  -40% Carbs.

  -30% Protein.

  -30% Fats.

To gain:

  -Take in more calories than your general daily need.

  -Add protein, about 1-1.5 grams per pound of body weight.

  -Lower carb intake.

To lose:

  -Smaller meals more frequently.

  -Keep carb intake to breakfast, or after workouts.

  -Focus on high-fiber foods.

  -Fats should be rich in omega fatty acids.

Don’t get frustrated if you’re not able to gain or lose weight like someone else. Realize your body is unique and take some of these insights to be successful achieving your healthy weight goals.

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