Fat Smash: Diet Smash All the Fat

The Fat Smash diet does not only promise people it will help them see results as soon as 9 days, but it is also considered to be one of the best ways women can use in order to improve their overall lifestyle.

Not to mention that this diet has also been approved by some of the most prolific Hollywood stars and it seems to have worked greatly. Most stars who have tried this diet said they are extremely satisfied with it and with the way they look.

What is more is that according to the author of the diet, it seems that this is the last diet people will ever use, considering that it can help women lose 10 pounds or 200 pounds. It does not matter how much weight you want to lose, as long as you are willing to make some changes in your life.

What is the Fat Smash Diet About?

The Fat Smash diet is a very complex program encompassed into 90 days and four phases. As you can imagine, this diet does not involve counting calories, it actually involves eating what you are told.

The book in which the diet is described has more than 50 recipes, which people can use in order to control their diet and body weight.

The first phase of the diet is more of a detox type of phase, when women will have to get rid of all the bad things in their bodies. Although this type of thing should happen once every few months, there are very few people who have the time or the power to go through a detox diet.

Then comes the second phase, which is something more of a foundation, where new foods are introduced into the diet. The third phase, also known as the construction, where the first two phases are combined. The fourth and last stage is called the temple and, according to the author of the diet, this is the phase which will last for your entire life.

How does the Diet Work?

In the first phase of the Fat Smash diet, women will only be able to eat the types of foods which help them detox their bodies. Some foods that are included in the meal plan are fruits and vegetables, but also low fat yogurt and egg whites.

The entire phase lasts for only 9 days. The second phase is a three-week period, when additional foods are added to the diet, including lean meats, avocado, whole egg, cheese and other such things. The only secret is that these foods will have to be eaten in limited quantities.

The third stage lasts for four weeks and beginning now, the portions are a little larger and there are more foods introduced into the diets. Of course, as any type of diet that respects itself, exercises will have to be done daily, in order to be able to lose the desired weight.

The last phase lasts for the rest of your life and foods such as pizza or pasta and bread are introduced. Desserts are allowed once a day. The main idea is to have four or five meals a day and you will get to lose the weight you have always wanted to lose, without having to suffer.

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