Try Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution

If you are a fan of Phil McGraw, then you might want to try his diet book called The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom.

Dr. Phil states that in order to lose weight, we must understand our personal truth, and just like the title says, there are 7 keys to do that. You must have a certain view about yourself and about your weight.

Dr. Phil Says: Change Your Mind to Change Your Body

He states that in order to change our body, we must first change our mind. If we change ourselves from the inside-out, then we can lose weight, and remain at the desired weight for the rest of our lives. He pays lots of attention to preventing overeating, and more precisely to controlling our urges. He encourages people to change their bad habits with new good ones.
For example when one feels the urge to eat chocolate, he/she should go for a walk instead. Junk food should be eliminated from the house, and it is to be replaced with healthy one.

Exercise is also listed as a priority in his book, as he states that weight loss cannot be achieved without it. He also suggests teaming up with people who want to become healthier and to lose weight, because that increases the odds of maintaining this lifestyle.

Dr. Phil suggests eating food which is hard to prepare, takes lots of time to eat, and is not convenience food. You can eat fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and any other types of foods which are high in the essential nutrients.

He also recommends snacking, but using only healthy food. The meals should be planned ahead, and the portion sizes should be small.

Follow These Rules to Change Your Life

One should eat slowly, because in this way, he will feel full faster. Alcohol is not allowed, as it contains too many calories. Lifting weights is recommended as it allows one to maintain his muscle mass, while he loses fat. Dr. Phil states that with his diet, willpower is no longer required.

Instead, people need to use his 7 keys to success: right thinking, healing feelings, a no fail environment, mastery over impulsive eating, high-response cost, high-yield foods, exercise, and a circle of support. A medical check-up is advisable, especially if you believe that you have a metabolism problem.

Experts have admitted that changing your lifestyle is the best way to lose weight, and to keep it away for good. They have stated that this diet is very beneficial, as it contains useful advices, which are the key to losing weight.

They recommend the dr phil diet, as it encourages exercising, consuming healthy foods, and getting the support of friends or family.

This diet is not for the people who want to lose weight very fast, but for the ones who want to change their lives.

It encourages a healthy lifestyle, over a long period of time. It does not claim massive weight loss over a brief period of time.

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