Detoxification with Barley & Oats!

Are you growing tired getting those extra pounds off, every time we reach Easter? You may want to try a diet of barley and oats. It will detoxify your body and make it happy as they also contain a massive quantity of vitamins.

Green Barley may be used to cure ulcer and gastritis, in liver and bile diseases, kidney and bladder problems, bronchitis, impotence, infertility, rheumatism, hemorrhoids and even cancerous diseases.

The Barley diet is recommended to strengthen the body weakened by an illness or to combat fatigue during the spring. It could also be applied externally for lumbago, thrombophlebitis, hemorrhoids, varicose ulcers, eczema and acne.



Oats will get rid of depression

Oats also has many qualities. It is known for its good results in cases of depression, extreme fatigue, convalescence, exhaustion, insomnia, meteosensibility, kidney disease, hypothyroidism, impotence, infertility, osteoporosis, ankylosing spondylosis, osteoarthritis, obesity,  asthma and detoxification.

Regular consumption of oats prevent high cholesterol. May contribute to slowing the aging process and good results were observed in patients with cancer. It is used as green barley.

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