Does the Cookie Diet Really Work?

It is a widely known fact that people who are on a diet usually fall off the plan because they crave for sweets and such things. Wouldn’t it be better if there were a way of eating cookies and still be on a diet? The cookie diet plan is meant to help all people who simply cannot stop themselves from eating all the sweets they think of.

Even so, people who want to follow this type of diet must understand that these are not exactly the soft, delicious cookies made by the grandmother, but they are rather food replacements, made out of fibers and proteins, as well as other ingredients meant to help people loose weight while still eating sweets.

The Cookie Diet

Mmmmmm... The Cookie Diet tastes delicious

How Does the Cookie Diet Work?

The only problem people may deal with while they follow this diet is to decide what to eat for dinner. The dinner meal is the only course of the day when people can eat what they please. The rest of the day, however, they will have to eat these cookies. They are tasty, sweet and they will surely keep you full for as long as you may need.

The best part is that you can eat around 6 cookies a day and they will give you about 500 calories. This means that the dinner meal can be around 1000 calories. Of course, there are many people who may want to follow an 800 calories meal plan, but it is not recommended.

The recommended quantity of calories per day is around 1,200, depending on how much people want to lose weight. However, people who keep the 800-calorie meal plan get to lay off up to 15 pounds a months, which is absolutely amazing, considering that there are so many people trying to lose as much weight as possible, in a relatively short period of time.

Is the Cookie Diet Really Healthy?

If you are planning to lose weight in a short amount of time and if you are well aware of the fact that you simply cannot stay away from something sweet, then yes, this diet is healthy for you. For people who tend to have a relatively healthy lifestyle, but who need to lay off some extra weight, they should reconsider and follow another diet.

With this diet, people are allowed to eat cookies during the entire day, for meals and snacks. There are many flavors, ranging from chocolate, banana, coconut, blueberry and oatmeal.

The only thing people following this diet must keep in mind is that they are going to have to eat normally for dinner and try to avoid alcohol. Alcohol is responsible for a good percentage of fat in our bodies and getting rid of drinking is the best way of making sure we lose some weight.

The truth of the matter is that this type of diet has proven very effective both in the past and in more recent years and for someone who is really not able to stay away from sweets and still wants to lose some weight, this diet plan is a real blessing.

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