Cinch Diet – Because it Works!

The Cinch Diet is one of the most wonderful plans which women over the age of 25 should follow, if they want to improve their lifestyle and lose the extra weight, without feeling deprived or hungry.

The Cinch diet plan is actually a 30-day plan, which involves two phases, meant to help women get accustomed to the diet, at first, and then lose the extra weight.

Main idea: Eating healthy and improving physical activities, as well.

Phases of the Cinch Diet Plan 

Although this type of diet does not necessarily include counting calories, you will see that in the first phase you will lose about 8 pounds, depending on the amount of weight you are willing to lose and depending on your overall health and physical activity, of course.

The first phase of the cinch diet include the first 5 days. During these days women can eat only organic foods, such as

  • eggs
  • spinach
  • almonds
  • raspberries
  • other organic foods which makes them feel full

The 8 pounds you can lose in the first five days does not usually consist of too much fat. These 8 pounds are made out of water and waste and this rapid weight loss is meant to help women continue their quest and to improve their lifestyle.

The Cinch Diet seems to do wonders

The Phases of the Cinch Diet


Seeing that you lose so much weight, you will  be able and eager to continue with the Cinch diet, without feeling that you are following a diet in vain, as you have probably done for so many times.

The Cinch Diet Plan seems to do Wonders

Fortunately, this type of diet does work and it works incredibly. All the women who have followed it are currently very happy with their lifestyles and with their body weight.

Second phase of the Cinch diet: It is true that any diet which works includes physical activities.

With the cinch diet, you will have to do some exercising, in order to help the losing weight process.

Physical activities, combined with eating about 1,300 calories in the first 5 days and then, 1,600 in the next 25 is going to show results and you will surely be pleased with the outcome of this type of diet.

Three things are absolutely important for the diet to work amazingly. First of all, make sure you eat your breakfast within the first hour you wake up and the rest of your meals, eat them at regular intervals, with a distance of 3 to 5 hours between them, so as to regular blood sugar levels, insulin, hormones and metabolism.

Then, you will have to mix and match the foods you eat. For instance, you will have to eat whole grains, plant based fats and lean proteins four times a day.

The last step is to add flavor to your meals, by adding vinegar, hot pepper, citrus, herbs, spices and tea.

Bottom line, the cinch diet plan is absolutely amazing, because it works, it helps people and it will improve not only your weight and health, but your entire lifestyle and that is one of the main reason for which all women should try the cinch diet plan.

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