Top weirdest diets in Hollywood! Celebrities Secrets Exposed

Have you ever heard of the Top weirdest diets in Hollywood? Celebrities can not afford any violation when it comes to their silhouette and will do everything to reach their desired weight and what most of us call “the perfect body”.

Celebrities tend to try some of the most eccentric and most unusual diets. Are you ready to discover these well hidden diets? We have gathered the most famous celebrities and will now unveil their well kept secrets.

Hollywood stars who have tried the strangest ways to get rid of extra pounds!

Heidi Klum diet menu

Heidi Klum diet

Heidi Klum – apple vinegar diet

Our first celebrity is Heid Klum, the famous Top model with an enviable body. That’s right, she has three children.

According to Allure magazine, Heidi Klum turned to vinegar-based diet to lose weight made during her last pregnancy.

This Diet consists in taking a sip of apple vinegar before each meal, as it considerably reduces hunger. If you don’t believe her you should ask Fergie, member of the Black Eyed Peas as she also has resorted to this method to save a few pounds.

Still, keep in mind that nutritionists do not recommend this method. Vinegar can damage the esophagus and stomach, so you better just keep vinegar for salads. Your call.

Demi Moore: Nettle and dandelion tea diet

demi moore diet plan

Demi Moore diet

Demi Moore is 49 years but we must admit these years have left no mark on this beautiful actress. Pounds are not at all a problem for her. Why? Demi Moore regularly consumes herbal teas, especially those of nettle and dandelion.

These plants have a diuretic effect which stimulates the elimination of toxins from the body and also have beneficial effect for your skin.

Take this advice from Demi Moore and try her nettle and dandelion tea diet! It might have great effects on your body and you won’t even spend a fortune.

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what beyonce diet plan

Beyonce diet

Beyonce – Maple syrup diet

Beyonce needed to quickly lose weight back in 2006 for her role in “Dream Girls” and succeeded with a steady diet of maple syrup. Beyonce has lost 9 kg in just two weeks every day drinking 12 glasses of cocktail made from maple syrup, water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper and banning solid food from her diet.

It’s a draconian diet with fast effects, but is not a recommended method for longer periods. She has used this method only for the movie role and after everything ended she said that this diet is only recommended to those who are under medical supervision.

Lilly Allen – The Hypnotic diet

Like to think that you are weaker even with five pounds and it comes true? It can’t be possible right? Well, our favorite singer, Lilly Allen, can contradict us. She managed to lose up to 3 kg after a few Hypnosis sessions. The Hypnotic Diet is actually a subconscious diet, eliminating harmful habits that keep you from reaching that goal you want in terms of weight. Hypnosis has helped Lilly Allen to give up unhealthy foods and sweets. Could this diet also help you?

Liz Hurley – Kids dishes

Liz Hurley knew that the portion sizes were all that mattered in a successful diet. You need to eat less at each meal and never refill your plate after you finish. But the method used by Liz Hurley might be called quirky by her fans.

elisabet hurley diet plan

Liz Hurley diet

She used plastic utensils for kids to fool her into thinking that she is eating the biggest meal ever while just having a taste in reality. A plastic fork and a knife can really make you lose your appetite. Will your friends consider you crazy? Who knows, but we believe this is a great trick to try.

Cheryl Cole – Baby food diet

Cheryl Cole is one of many celebrities who have used this already known diet. She is just one name from a long list of celebrities along with Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and even Lady Gaga. All these wonderful ladies adopted this menu to maintain the perfect body.

This baby food diet involves eating 14 servings of fruit puree for babies, followed by one meal that contains fish or grilled chicken with vegetables. Tracy Anderson, the creator of the baby food diet says that although this method seems unusual, it has great results and all that tasty puree also helps your digestive system function properly not to mention that, it is an effective method for detoxification.


Kim Cattrall diet plan

Kim Cattrall diet

Kim Cattrall – lemon juice diet

As you may know, Kim Cattrall has 55 years but can compete successfully with a 20 year old hot babe! Let’s face it, she’s looking incredible, has a rocking body and knows how to keep her figure. What not many know though is her little secret. This actress always uses a small trick: adding lemon juice to any fat food.

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Katie Holmes – raw products diet

Tom’s wife managed to get off up to 19 kg after giving birth. Probably that’s why Katie Holmes is still Tom Cruise’s wife. Her great achievement is due to her diet based entirely on raw food.

For a month, she ate only fruits, carrots, broccoli and milk, plus a special soup made of vegetables puree. A famous diet is always followed by other celebrities: Uma Thurman and Natalie Portman are two big fans of this raw products diet.

Kate Winslet – The Facial Analysis Diet

Actress Kate Winslet is always proud of her voluptuous forms, but she’s been through times when she was not really happy with her looks. After gaining 55 pounds during pregnancy, she resorted to a diet that involved finding food deficiencies by analyzing facial features.

For example, forehead lines may indicate a fat diet. Exposing these gaps you can then compensate those foods in your diet beneficial for boosting your energy levels, which leads to burning calories faster.

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