Acai Berry Diet, The Miracle Diet

There are certain fruits that can easily be tagged with a super-food label due to their power to make major changes to our overall health & recovery of the body as a result of excess food. Acai Berry is one of these superheroes. It contains beneficial substances and many nutritionists place it above yogurt, legumes and fruit consumption.

Currently, acai fruits may be found as ingredients in various foods such as ice cream, juices, energy bars and even red wine, but in small quantities. Among the basic properties of the acai fruit we can mention its antioxidant value, thus helping to regenerate our body and prevent aging. Also,  it is a powerful anti-infective agent, preventing infections and not least,  a good accelerating agent of human metabolic activity, thus a great help in any diet.

Acai contains substances such anticianina & anthocyanina, hence the intense red color, and it is rich in dietary fiber (helps the digestive system to work properly) . It is very beneficial to the circulatory system helping your hearth keep its optimal rate activity. Acai’s ability to remove toxins from the body was verified in laboratories confirming that it also helps the immune system become more resistant to disease due to oleic acid and other beneficial substances.

Although a small fruit and seemingly insignificant, acai brings many long term benefits for our health. It can be used both as an ingredient in food and naturally, as part of a regular breakfast. Most of the times, you will find acai in the form of fruit juice (can be purchased at stores or pharmacies across the country). However, it is better to check before buying this type of product.  Some vendors add ingredients produced in the laboratory or too much sugar.

Acai Berry Diet seems to be among the most popular diets found until today. First adopted by the Brazilian people, the  foundations were established by simply consuming this type of fruit. They contain plenty of antioxidants and give your body a lot of energy, so today you will find supplements that contain some extracts from these Acai Berries.

What is acai berry diet?

Acai Berry was in fact a type of diet that involved daily consumption of these South American Berries. Later, it was found that the combination of these berries with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and some animal protein (eggs, poultry, fish, milk) not only helped reducing weight, but also maintained a good health.

Acai Berry Diet Benefits

Because it is a high-energy diet and also promotes fat mobilization and burning of fat stores, its benefits not only reflect on the figure:

– As all other fruits and vegetables, it contains antioxidants, very important for removing toxins from the body;
– Stimulates your immune system;
– Restores tone libido;
– It is a source of iron and other vitamins and minerals, protecting against anemia and other metabolic disorders made by vitamins and minerals deficiencies ;
– It’s energizing, restoring liver’s energy stores.

As nothing is perfect, the Acai Berry diet may show some negative effects at some people with certain diseases. Therefore, it is better to consult a nutritionist before following this diet.  Basicall, the Acai Berry diet will change your eating habits.

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