8 Types of tea which help you lose weight

Today we will present 8 Types of tea which help you lose weight

If you wish to lose a few kilos without much effort, choose one of the types of tea recommended by our specialists. Teas represent a handy solution, easy to prepare, which purify the blood, eliminates toxins and helps digestion.

1. Common Elder tea is very useful during diets

It can be used as an infusion (three cups a day) and also as a tincture (a few drops in a glass of water). It helps you perspire heavily, eliminate toxins and get rid of the water retained in your body, acting in the same time as an efficient laxative.

Put three spoons of Common Elder in 250 ml of hot water, leave the pot covered for ten minutes, strain the tea and drink it. During a month, you must consume three to five cups of tea daily.

2. Anise tea is a real aid in the digestive process

The calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins A, B1, B existent in the anise stimulate the activity of the pancreas and the gastric secretions. Put a teaspoon of anise seeds in 300 ml of boiling water , let the pot covered for 10 minutes and drink three cups per day.

lose weight tea

Anise tea

3. Nettle tea purifies the blood and diminishes the appetite

You should consume one liter daily, for a month. It contains the vitamins C and E, minerals ( calcium, magnesium, iron, silicon, potassium) and it helps maintain the bones and muscles healthy.

It is highly recommended for those who wish to eliminate toxins. The tea can be prepared as an infusion made of 5 teaspoons of dried leaves and one liter of water.

4. Green tea

It is antioxidant, it dissolves fat, it stops the absorption of fatty acids and in the same way it maintains a high level of energy.

You must prepare an infusion of one teaspoon of green tea leaves and 250 ml of water. A cup of green tea contains only four calories, antioxidants, caffeine and polyphenols – substances which help burn the calories and fat.

If you include three cups of green tea in your daily diet, you will manage to get rid of extra pounds and adjust your cholesterol level.

5. Black tea has almost the same proprieties as the green tea

It increases the activity of the metabolism, it helps in the process of fat burning and it acts like the insulin, controlling the sugar level in the blood.

6. Horsetail tea

It must be prepared of 6 teaspoons of dried herb and one liter of water. You should drink it throughout the day. The horsetail tea eliminates toxins from the body and has antimicrobial effects.

7. Artichoke tea

It is an excellent liver tonic and it helps a lot in the process of digestion.

For best results, drink two cups of artichoke infusion daily during a month. Even if you do not keep a diet, you should drink artichoke tea daily, as it is very healthy.

8. Rosehip tea is very rich in vitamin C, helping the liver to regenerate its cells

It should be consumed after eating fat foods and also after drinking alcohol. Rosehip eliminates toxins and burns fat.

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