Is the 5 Factor Diet Really for You?

Celebrities in Hollywood, such as Jessica Simpson, seem to be very delighted with the 5 Factor Diet and they said it worked. But, does it really work when it comes to regular people?

Stars such as Kanye West, Alicia Keys and Eva Mendes have also followed this particular diet and it seems to have done wonders for them, as well. Even so, opinions are shared regarding the 5 Factor diet, because some scientists seem not to agree with this idea.

Some of these scientists who do not agree with this diet mentioned that there has never been made a study to prove that the diet works and it does not address people suffering of obesity, which is actually emotional overeating.

What Is the 5 Factor Diet and how Does It Work?

As I have said, the 5 Factor diet is the type of diet Hollywood stars use to get those killer bodies. However, while the diet works for them, it does not seem to work very well for regular, non-star people.

The number in the name of the diet refers to the type of elements every meal you have should contain. As you can see, there are 5 elements: complex carbs, proteins, fluids, fats and fibers.

The most incredible part is that 5 also comes from the number of meals you are allowed to eat per day, as well as from the fact that you can use 5 ingredients for cooking the meal in only… 5 minutes.

The diet, as any other diet which respects itself, includes exercising and it does not come as such a big surprise the fact that you have to do regular exercising. You will have to do 5 exercises a day, for 5 minutes each, during 5 days of the week, as you can well imagine.

There is also a cheat day, when you can eat anything you want. As I said, the opinions related to this type of diet are shared and while there are some who disapprove, there seem to be as many specialists who think that this particular diet is incredible, because it includes everything our bodies needs to stay healthy and it can also help us lose the desired weight.

 5 Factor Diet – does It Really Work for Us, Regular Women?

The main concern related to the diet is the fact that stars are the only ones who can follow it, because it is not only quite difficult to prepare all the meals you have to eat every single day, but it is also extremely expensive. This is a shortage of the diet.

The main idea is that the diet contains all sorts of expensive foods which can be cooked only at home and given that most of us, women, work 5 or even 6 days a week, it may be impossible for us to get the required foods from vending machines.

This is one of the main reasons for which this diet is not reliable for regular, working women. Another factor is the amount of money spent on the diet.

Of course, if you are a rich Hollywood star, you do not mind spending a lot of money on smoked salmon mousse or other such expensive things. But, if you are a regular woman, the 5 Factor Diet can be too expensive.

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