10 Mistakes to Avoid when you’re on a Diet

If you seriously follow the diet, but you fail to get off any gram, you probably fall into one of the diet traps. Have you wanted to lose weight, but diet did not give any result, more than a month. Why? Most probably done one of the common mistakes in terms of diet. Nutritionist Sarah Schenker explains how to avoid this mistakes:

Eat nuts as snacks

Research has shown that nuts keep longer than the feeling of fullness and biscuits are high in fiber. But they are also full of saturated fat. You should eat a nut, up to two a day, not a bag, said Dr. Schenker.

You weigh daily

May be due to weight fluctuations and the level of water held in body weight lost and does not reveal. It’s best to weigh yourself once a week at the same time of day, without clothes and after you went to the bathroom.

You eat more fruits

Even if healthy, fruit does not help you lose weight. Research shows that fruit sugars (fructose) is not the same feeling of satiety signals the body that common sugar, which means that you can rarely satisfied with the vegetables. You can eat more fruits, but combine them with some protein, such as those of ham or hummus, to feel full.

You drink beverages with calories

If you drink cappuccinos and iced teas calming to your stomach hungry, you should know with a cappuccino has 120 calories and 8 grams of fat, and drops” of eight cups of milk equals 400 calories. Better get to the skim milk and herbal tea.

You eat and the chicken skin

White meat, chicken or turkey contains less calories than red meat, ONLY IF you eat it skinless, where they gather the fat. Not to stick to your diet without realizing it, make sure you remove the skin before you cook the meat.

You drink diet beverages

Studies have shown that diets work better if they keep without drinks with zero calories, artificial sweeteners because they trigger the process of digestion and leaves you hungry. Drink more plain water and fruit tea.

You put dressing into salad

A salad can have as many calories as a main dish, if drowned in dressing. French sauce from the store contains about 70 calories per tablespoon, and the homemade dressing with oil and vinegar or lemon juice may contain 100 calories. Make sure at the restaurant to ask for your dressing separately.

Don’t measure the seeds

Pumpkin seeds, sunflower or sesame seeds and are very healthy fashion, consumed in yoghurts, porridge and salad. But a tablespoon of sunflower seeds contains 93 calories. So measuring spoon when you put them over something and not sprinkled eye.

Sweeten with honey or fructose

Honey contains as much sugar as granulated sugar and has a lot more calories a tablespoon of honey contains 49 calories and a sugar, 24. You better give up sweets. Cravings for sweets is dropping after three weeks of abstinence.

No fats

The body needs a certain amount of fat to function properly, and fat helps you feel full longer. A University of Alabama study found that low-fat diet consumed during weight loss help. So, don’t give up completely to fat during cure, but opts for the varied meals.


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