Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

Many couples experience a decrease in their sex drive, especially after they have been together for a long period of time. According to the experts, this decrease is influenced by chemistry. Dopamine, is the main reason for the lack of sex drive. When people are in love, the level of dopamine is very high; this is the reason why people lose appetite, cannot sleep, become obsessed with the other one, and so on.

The Importance of Dopamine

Dopamine increases testosterone levels, which is the hormone that increases the sexual desire in both men and women. After six months or so, the dopamine levels return to normal, and the testosterone levels drop as well. There are ways in which couples can increase their dopamine levels, even after they have spent a very long period of time together.

One of these ways is to do exciting things together. By experimenting new things, your dopamine levels will increase, and that will increase your sex drive. New surroundings can help you with your sex drive, which is very exciting, and thus, it increases your libido. The newer the activity is, the higher the level of dopamine gets. These new experiences will be visible in the bedroom.

Laughter can be very useful, because it increases the dopamine levels in the brain. Many of the couples, who stayed together for a long period of time, stated that the reason why their relationship lasted for such a long period of time was because of their humor. In case you do not have fun together anymore, go to a comedy club, or go see a comedy.

In a relationship it is very important to be spontaneous. It is very important to surprise your partner in various ways. One of these ways could be a surprise dinner invitation, date, trip, and so on. The partner who got surprised will experience an increase in dopamine, because he/she doesn’t know what to expect. This is very flattering and arousing in the same time for both of the partners.

Increase Sex Drive with Sex

Of course, the best way of maintain a high sex drive, is to have sex. The act triggers all sorts of chemical reactions in both of the partners. In men, the act will cause the increase of testosterone, and in women, it will increase the androgen levels. Both of these, cause the release of dopamine, which, as I already mentioned, is excellent for the sex drive. You could experience new things in bed, you could try new positions, new places, use sex toys, and so on. You can experience in lots of different manners, all you need to do is to be inventive.

These are the main changes you can make in order to make sure that you will have fun together, even after a very long period of time. You need to constantly bring something new, because otherwise, you could get bored of each other. By following these steps you will eliminate the boredom, and you will be happier together for a longer period of time.

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