Relationship Stress for Seniors

It is widely known that once a major change happens in our lives, whether it is related to our kids moving out or with a new job or with the loss of someone dear, the stress levels sky-rocket. Once we grow older, the stress levels can be even higher and that can do a lot of damage to our entire relationship.

One of the major problems seniors have to deal with is related to retirement. Once we retire, we have this feeling as if we have lost something. Working for as long as we can remember, in an environment where we made friends, we got to know people, to like them, made us feel a little stressful, but being retired can be a lot more stressful. It is this that usually leads to serious problems among seniors and their relationships.

Don’t Hide Behind Your Job

We all are used to hiding behind something when we do not want to deal with ourselves. If we are having problems at home, we hide at the office; if we have problems at work, we hide at home. It is natural for us to look for a place where we can feel safe. Once we grow older, things can get even more serious, because kids move out and we only have to deal with each other.

Although most couples would love staying at home as much as possible, spending time with each other, doing things they love, they also deal with a high level of stress, as well, even if they do not want to face it. Being retired and having your kids out of the house means that it is high time you did something for yourself as well and that can be quite stressful.

Try Relaxing!

Stress is one of the most dangerous factors today and because of high stress levels, seniors can even end up divorcing. I bet you have heard about at least one couple who went through a divorce in their 60s. When the stress is too high, you have to learn to relax. Relaxing is the best way of dealing with stress. Try engaging in all sorts of activities you enjoy. Try gardening, walking, going for a jog or going out, on a date with your lovely spouse. There are plenty things you can do to get rid of the stress, but you have to know to accept that you are stressed-out.

Taking into account that stress can lead to serious relationship problems, seniors should be very careful about what they do and say when there are at the peak of stressfulness. You can easily hurt your spouse, even if you do not intend to and that wound may never close. It only depends on you guys to make your relationship better and even though the stress levels are very high, you can work together on relaxing and on doing things you both enjoy.

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