Men Suffer of Erectile Dysfunction

It has been recently discovered that 49.4 percent of men over the age of 40 have a form of erectile dysfunction. Researchers from Canada studied 3921 Canadian men with ages between 40 and 88, collecting the data from their physicians.

Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases

It seems that the main factors which cause erectile dysfunction are diabetes and cardiovascular disease. According to Steven Lamm, MD, who published his study in the Hardness Factor, the best way of taking care of these problems is by combining L-Arginine and Pine Bark Extract. The researchers wanted to associate the independent factors which might cause the erectile dysfunction in men of those ages.

The participants had to complete a full medical history, to undergo physical examinations, and to get their lipid levels and fast blood glucose levels measured. The researchers used the International Index of Erectile Function to determine the ones who had ED. The participants who scored less than 26 were included in the list. The researchers reached to the conclusion that 49.4 percent of the participants suffered from ED.

It seems that the largest percent of the patients suffered from ED because of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. There were others who suffered from ED without suffering from diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Those people had erectile dysfunction because of high fasting blood glucose levels and high coronary risk. There were also people who suffered from undiagnosed hyperglycemia who suffered from ED, and ones who had metabolic syndrome, or impaired fasting glucose.

Researchers reached to the conclusion that the main factors which cause erectile dysfunction in men between 40 and 88 are diabetes, cardiovascular disease, increasing fasting glucose levels and future coronary risk. However, it is unknown if these people suffered from erectile dysfunction before the appearance of those illnesses, or after the illnesses appeared. Erectile dysfunction is considered when a man cannot get or maintain an erection. The dysfunction gets worse with the age. However, according to the researchers, erectile dysfunction is not natural, regardless of the age of the man.

Talk to your doctor!

They also stated that people who have erectile dysfunction should speak with their doctor about it, even if it can be an embarrassing subject. There are times when ED could be a sign of health problems. For example, the blood vessels might be clogged, or the nerve might be damaged from diabetes. The problems will persist and they will go untreated if the patient does not go and see his doctor.

There are various ways through which people can combat erectile dysfunction. The best way is to remain physically active, and to do more exercises. It is also advisable to lose some weight, and to have a very healthy nutrition. There are also external factors which have a negative impact on one’s erection. Smoking and drinking can influence one’s erection, and it is recommended to quit those activities in order to have a healthier lifestyle and an improved sexual life.

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