Want to Be Happier. Be More Sexually Active

When you were younger, you probably walked the street and saw older people holding hands and being affectionate to each other and you were probably wondering whether you and your partner would ever end up like that. Well, now that you have become the old couple yourself, you have probably seen that being happy for such a long time, especially with the same person, can be a real adventure. However, it seems that older couples who are sexually active are more prone of being happier for a longer period of time.

Have Sexy Nights Together

So what you are not in your 20s anymore? Have people over 40 stopped having sex? No, they have not. So why should you stop? Of course, you are going through some tough times with the identity crisis and with the menopause, but those things will get better and once they do, you guys should not think about breaking up; you should actually think about being happier. And there is no better way of being happier if not through having sex. Being affectionate to one another can lead to serious, hot nights together and why miss on those?

When you were younger, right when you got married, you could not get your hands off of each other and you were happier than ever. Sexual intercourse triggers some things in your brains, which make you feel a lot better, happier and more comfortable.

It Also Helps with Small Problems

Aside of the fact that having sex is so much fun, it can also help you solve your small problems. Stress is a great part of our lives. Whether we are younger or older, it does not matter. We always have something to stress out about. And stress does not help at all. It has been showed that older couples who engaged in sexual relationships more often were able to be happier, to relieve the stress better and to have a better marriage. The answer to all questions is not sex, but it is to most of them, as you can well see.

There is nothing wrong with having a little fun of your own. Your kids are probably all grown up by now and they have their own homes. Therefore, you are all alone and you should take advantage of that. You probably do not have to work as much as you had when you were younger and you have so much time on your hands right now.

Things can be come boring, monotonous with old age. Why not make a change and start having fun again? Do you remember when you guys just lay there, on the bed, talking after a nice, romantic episode? Why not do it again? Sex is great and it is the best way of staying healthy and in love for a longer period of time. It also seems to be the best way of staying happy too.

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