Fertility over 40 and Problems in the Couple

You have probably have heard about friends of friends who are getting a divorce or they are going through a bad break up. Although the reasons seem to be totally different, you must know that most couples in their 40s decide to take a break or even a divorce because they cannot have children, or at least because one of them cannot have children. Fertility problems are very common, especially once you are over your 30s and into your 40s, both for men and women.

Fertility Problems for Women

If a woman has gone through life being more interested in building a career and a future for herself and left her family on a second place, she surely ended up in her 40s without children. A life without children is as dull and uninteresting as you can imagine and no one can be fully accomplished if she does not have children of her own. The big problem is that only now is she able to discover that she cannot have children. Fertility problems are very common, especially for women who led a stressful life and who were on contraceptive treatments for too long.

Usually, most women who have made a career and who have a stable life decide to have children after they turn 40 and, unfortunately, there are numerous women who find out that they cannot have children, because they are sterile. Others can, for instance, have fertility problems which can be repaired through surgeries or treatments, but those can take a lot of time and it can be, often, a bit too late.

Fertility Problems for Men

Believe it or not, men can be as guilty as women when it comes to fertility problems and the inability of having a child. In a highly competitive society, both men and women are doing their best to make a career and to have a nice life before they decide to have children. Therefore, a man in his 40s can very well not be married. Even so, when he does decide to make the big step and to settle down, he can discover that he cannot have children. The fertility problem in men can be related to many a things, but mostly to environmental factors, to smoking and drinking and other such things.

When discovering that they are not quite able to have children together, most couples drift apart, especially those who do not see adoption as a solution. Adoption, however, is a very good thing to do, especially if you really want to be part of someone’s life, to be someone on whom a little creature can depend on. It is very important for the relationship between a husband and a wife to be strong and nothing should stay against their dream of having a baby. Keep in mind that there are numerous couple who turn to adoption, because they cannot have babies of their own and they are incredibly happy with the decision they made.

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