Aging and Sexual Problems

Aging affects us from various points of views, and one of them is the sex life. Some people would still like to be sexually active, but for some, the age prevents this from happening. There are certain normal changes which occur during aging, and it is important to know them. Both men and women experience changes after they reach a certain age, and one of them could be the inability of enjoying sex. This is not mandatory, as some women enjoy sex after they reached menopause, so it depends on the person.

Some Problems are Emotional

Some women consider that they are no longer attractive, because they have wrinkles and some gray hair. Because of this, they no longer find sex enjoyable. Many of these problems are caused by self-esteem and self-image, and not by physical issues. However, there are various physical changes which occur because of aging. One of the changes is related to the vagina. As women age, their vaginas shorten and narrow. The walls of the vagina become thinner. Another change is the fact that the vagina no longer produces the same amount of lubrication, and as a result sexual pleasure might be affected.

In the case of men, impotence is the biggest problem. By the age 65, almost 25 percent of men have an erectile dysfunction. The condition is more common in men with diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, mainly because of the medications they take to treat or manage these illnesses. Some men will take a longer time to achieve erections; others might lose their erection very fast. Some men might require hours to obtain an erection, after they had an orgasm.

There are various reasons for these changes, but in the majority of the cases, people are still able to enjoy sex. Arthritis can make sex uncomfortable, but this can be solved. For example, the pain might be less intense in the morning, and different positions can be used. There are also people who suffer of chronic pain, but it can be treated with the aid of various medications. Diabetes can also affect men, as it can cause impotence. Even so, impotence can be treated with the aid of pills such as Viagra.

Whereas Some Are Physical

Heart diseases can affect men as well. For example, if the blood does not flow freely in the body, achieving an erection could be very difficult. Some men are afraid of having sex because they believe that the sexual activity will lead to a stroke. This happens on very rare occasions, and men can still have sex after they had a stroke. However, the doctor is the one who decides the waiting period.

Emotions could also lead to changes in sexual activity, but luckily, all of these problems can be solved. Both the physical and the emotional problems can be solved nowadays, so if you experience them, do not be afraid to talk with your doctor about them.

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