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What Makes Your Skin Dry?

The skin is the first barrier of defense of the body against the elements that might harass it in any way. The skin can be affected by weather conditions, disease or toxic exposure and symptoms that occur in the skin can be based on various diseases and internal infections. One of the most common disorders of the skin is dryness. Most often, dry skin is caused by exposure to sun, wind or cold, but there are other things that can diminished its degree of hydration. Here are listed some of the most common causes leading to dry skin.

dry skin

Factors that contribute to dry skin

– Cold weather. When temperatures drop, the air’s humidity drops too. Dry air determines the loss of moisture in the skin. With the cold weather, many people who do not know how to take care of their skin experience dryness and itching of the skin. In addition, during the winter , indoor air is as dry thanks to the home heating sources. Consider using a humidifier and avoid raising too much the indoor temperature. In addition, make sure that you protect the skin exposed to the air when you go outside in the cold.

– Hot showers. If you like hot showers you should be aware that hot water reduces the moisture content of the skin. Although they are extremely comfortable and relaxing hot showers reduce the amount of sebum in the skin, causing it to dry.

– Some types of soap. Many people use soaps that roughen the skin as a side effect. If you use a harsh soap, it can damage the skin’s natural barrier to moisture. Instead, you can use shower gels that are more effective if they have moisturizers in their composition.

– Rubbing the skin during showers. Avoid scrubbing the skin when you shower. Friction can cause or exacerbate dry skin. To avoid this, use a soft cloth and dab the skin. Do this slowly, while the skin can absorb some of the water that comes into contact.

– Aging. Hormone levels change throughout the years, and the skin is also affected by hormonal changes. You cannot
turn back the time, but you can minimize skin changes caused by aging. Begin each morning with a relaxing massage with moisturizing cream . To soften wrinkles and relieve dry skin , use creams containing alpha hydroxy acids and retinol.

– Irritants. They can hide in the form of fibers contained in clothes, perfumes, detergents, soaps, shampoos and more. All these irritants help foster skin dryness. To counteract the effect of irritants on the skin, opt for clothes made of soft and natural fabrics – cotton and silk – and change any skin care products that would not moisturize the skin enough.

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