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Tutorial: Look Great without Makeup

Did you knew that there are ways to look Great without Makeup? We, women spend a lot of time in the mirror, trying to create a perfect image for ourselves. Maybe our beauty rituals take too much time, as we could be radiant without such enormous efforts. You will see that you do not need the best makeup products to look your best. As Coco Chanel says „ Less is more!”. Thus, let’s see how we could follow this advice.

beautiful girl no makeup

Beautiful using no makeup

Wear bright and intense colors

If you usually wear neutral colors, maybe it is time for a change. As we all know, there are days when we do not have enough time for an elaborate makeup. Therefore, you should choose some colorful clothes from your wardrobe and forget about using any eye shadows. This type of clothes will save your look in difficult situations.

As a suggestion, you should know that deep red hues, combined with other shades of warm colors (brown hues – for example) can highlight the intense glow of dark skin. Women who have a very white skin should wear intense shades of blue or green, these colors accentuating the beautiful natural features of the face.

You shouldn’t be afraid of trying powerful colors. They will surely make you feel and look better.

Take good care of your eyebrows

A correct shape for your eyebrows can dramatically change the way you look. Some beautiful eyebrows can make eyes look bigger and bring harmony to your face. If you have never arranged your eyebrows in a professional manner, you can include in your schedule a cosmetic session. After the specialist will give your eyebrows a perfect shape, it will be very easy for you to take care of them at home.

Moisturize your skin

A dried skin means a tired look. Therefore, use as much as you can moisturizing creams that contain antioxidants and vitamin C. These ingredients will also help detoxifying your skin, making it more radiant and supple. The best moment to apply a moisturizing lotion is immediately after cleaning your face with cleanser.

Why not let a deep moisturizing cream become your favorite makeup? In this way, without too much effort, you will feel natural and fresh all day long.

Long, curved eyelashes

An eyelashes clamp can do miracles. It is an object that should always be present in your beauty kit. It can transform your look in such a way that your eyes will look bigger and sexier. The results will be great, especially if you have straight or very thick eyelashes.

However, you should know some things before using an eyelashes clamp. Before starting to utilize it, make sure that your eyelashes are clean, dry and mascara free.

Open the clamp having the eyes wide open and place the eyelashes of your upper eyelid in the clamp. Place it as close as you can to your eye and squeeze carefully for 10 seconds. Repeat the operation if it is necessary.

Thermal water spray – to feel fresh in an instant

If you have partied all night long or if you just haven’t had the most restful sleep, the easiest way to refresh your complexion is by using a thermal water spray. In just a few seconds you will feel fresher and ready to start the day full of energy.

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