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Today’s Review: Handmade Soaps

As we all already know, a nourishing soap should always be present on our sink. But before buying a soap 99 % composed of chemicals, maybe you should take a look at what the handmade market has to offer.

The homemade soap is healthier for the skin and in many cases cheaper. However, it is not organic or 100 % natural. Do not let anyone fool you. All soaps are made from various types of oil and caustic soda.

Handmade soaps are different from those produced in the cosmetic industry because they contain more fat, which makes the skin smoother. Today we are going to learn how to make Handmade Soaps.

It goes without saying that if the soap contains less soda, the skin will be less exposed to irritation and burning sensations. On the other hand, it isn’t recommended to put a very small quantity of caustic soda in your homemade soap, as the excess of fat in the soap will make the skin greasy.

how to make soap

This is how you make handmade soap

How can you make a soap in your own house? The process by which soda and the oils interact is called saponification. Oils and caustic soda must be heated until they reach the same temperature and then they should be mixed. The following stage is that of adding other ingredients such as essential oils, plants or perfume.

The obtained paste, similar to pudding, should be spread on a wax paper. After about 18-24 hours it is ready to be cut in slices. After you cut it, the resulting pieces need 3 days to be completely dried.

Thus, we know that handmade soaps are healthier and as they are made by you in your own home, you mustn’t give any money to the evil corporations which rule the world. However, this is not a story full of flowers and rainbows. Homemade soaps do not look very nice. They are often stumpy as the manufacturers have no other instrument to cut them but the chainsaw.

This is a joke, of course. In any case, the homemade soaps are not as aerodynamic and sexy as those produced in factories. This is also the case for their colour – don’t expect to see bright and defined shades.

From another point of view, handmade soaps can be very cheap as well as quite expensive. Beware of those which are too cheap! Making a handmade soap is not as easy as it may seem.

Handmade soaps are appreciated all around the world, even though sometimes the price goes beyond those we find on the labels of the soaps in the supermarkets. Each of use chooses a product according to our budget and necessities.

The ones who are well familiarized with their body requirements, want the best for themselves and always go for products which are as natural as possible; and the effect of handmade soaps is immediately visible – you don’t need anymore to apply body lotion after showering.

We all have in our bathrooms lots of cosmetics which are more or less expensive, natural or containing many chemicals. But as we should all try to avoid chemicals and parabens, handmade soaps represent a simple solution to take care of our skin in a natural way.

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