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This is how to stop Hair Loss

Today you’ll find out everything you did not know about hair loss!

Hair loss can be attributed to many different causes such as : health problems, diet, stress, the use of drugs and care products.

Did you know that:

1. The hair loss of about 50 – 100 hairs per day is considered normal, while any larger amount indicates a health problem?

2. Hair loss is directly correlated with prolonged stress, generated by various factors (problems at work, intellectual effort, sickness, etc.).

3. Hair loss can be caused by hormonal disorders, thus, the treatment and correction of these imbalances can lead to a thicker hair.

4. Hair loss is common in women in the first three months after giving birth to a child. During pregnancy, certain hormones stop the regeneration of hair which falls naturally, and when these hormones return to their normal activity the hair follows its usual cycle.


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5. Also, the menopause can lead to excessive growth of body hair (because of the higher levels of male hormones) and in the same time, to the thinning and loss of the hair on the head.

6. Hair loss can be caused by certain drugs, especially anticoagulants, vitamin A, chemotherapy, birth control pills and antidepressants.

7. Another cause of hair loss may be represented by a fungal infection of the scalp, which once treated (with anti-fungal medication recommended by your dermatologist) will result in stopping the hair-loss process.

8. The way we arrange our hair is another reason for hair loss, this condition being known as traction alopecia. Thus, the tight hairstyles or the excessive use of the dryer can severely damage the hair.

9. The condition of alopecia aerata (hair loss, while the hair follicles remain intact and are visible) is caused by our own immune system. This is a disease which, for unknown reasons, causes autoimmune cells to attack the follicle region, causing hair to fall without determining the permanent damage of the follicle.

10. The daily diet plays an important role in the hair-loss process. A diet low in essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, protein) encourages the loss of hair. This usually applies in the case of vegetarians and people with eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia).


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11. Hair loss can also have a genetic cause (inherited), called androgenetic alopecia, which may begin to show (mostly in the case of men) in adolescence.

12. Hair care products (shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes, etc.) which have a high content of chemicals can aggress the hai, causing its fall in greater quantities than normal.

13. Hair loss should not be confused with hair breakage. The difference between these two situations is that in the first case, you can see tiny white hair bulbs at the ends, while breaking involves damage on the hair length, without affecting the roots.

The causes of hair loss

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Are various and we should always consult a physician before starting a treatment that could solve this type of problems. However, we should try to take proper care of our hair.

The rule “ less is more” applies perfectly when showering: too much shampoo or conditioner clogs the hair and also it is important to rinse the scalp until the hair starts to feel squeaky.

Moreover, a healthy diet and the diminishing of daily stress can help us obtain a thick, beautiful and shiny hair.

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