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The Fastest Beauty Tricks

Today we present The Fastest Beauty Tricks:

None of us really wish to spend an hour in front of the mirror every morning. Moreover, many of us don’t even have that precious hour every day. Sometimes we must be quick and get over certain stages of our beauty ritual.

Here ae some tips to help you reduce the time spent in the bathroom and in front of the mirror every day.

Fast beauty tricks

Fast beauty tricks

Dry your hair faster!

To shorten the period of time necessary for drying your hair, follow these steps immediately after you get out of the shower:

1.  Squeeze the excess of water in your hair.
2. Apply the styling products which you usually use.
3. Comb your hair.
4. Let your hair dry natually while you are applying makeup, drinking a coffee or preparing your children for school.
5. Now, finish dying your hair with the hair dryer. It will be ready in no time!

Use the right tools

If you want speed, then you should invest in professional tools: a powerful hairdryer or a curling iron will definitely reduce the styling time. Furthermore, now you can buy electric curlers, which can ease your hair styling. Choose large curlers and apply them in your hair after you have got out of shower. In addition, a comb with rare teeth will help you obtain a feminine, modern and natural hairstyle.

Wavy hair for special events

When you must go to a party which has been announced a few hours ago, wet your hair and twist it gently in a bun.
Keep it that way for a few hours and you will obtain the natural wavy hair you wished. The secret is to make a very tight bun.


When you are showering use hair conditioner and also a moisturizing shower gel. It will intensely hydrate the skin, without being necessary to apply body lotion. Thus, you will reduce the time necessary for skin care procedures.

Hide the zits!

If you woke up with a naughty zit on your face, you can shrink it very quickly using an ice cube. Put the cube in a towel and hold it on the spot for 3 minutes. This will reduce the inflammation and redness. Then, apply a drop of lavender oil , which will dehidratate the area and destroy bacteria.

Perfect nails

In order to obtain gorgeous nails in 60 seconds, remove all traces of nail polish, take a lemon, cut it in half and rub the lemon on your nails. The nails will become clean and white. If you decide to apply a coat of nail polish, they will look wonderful.

Anti Frizzle

If your hair is rebellious and doesn’t want to remain in the right position, wet your hands, take a drop of hand cream and then gently massage the hair and get it twisted in a bun. Wait for 10 minutes and then let your hair loose. Et voila – the perfect hairstyle!

Efficient makeup

Buy multi-use products. For example, use a moisturizing foundation with SPF to replace the face cream when you are in a hurry. Invest in a lipstick that can be used as blush or eye shadow. This will reduce the time you generally spend when you cannot decide which product or colour to use.

If you have time for applying only one product, choose the blush – it brightens and rejuvenates the skin.
If you want to refresh your makeup throughout the day, buy a small kit containing the most efficient products: blush, gloss, three shades of eye shadow (warm, cold, neutral).

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